TeraWatt Solutions Offer Water Savings Valve Designed to Reduce Utility Bills

Released on: December 08, 2014, 7:15 am (EST)
Industry: Internet & Online

Summit, New Jersey, December 08, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Energy management solutions from TeraWatt Solutions can help commercial and industrial units save thousands of dollars in energy and water bills. The company offers products such as water conservation valve that not only helps to save water but also monitors, controls and reports water consumption 24x7.

The patented system can reduce water and sewer bills by 10% to 20% or more depending on the audit report generated by a Teravalve specialist. "Every installation is preceded by an audit to allow us to offer a performance guarantee," says company President, Paul Pape.

As for monitoring and measuring energy consumption, TeraWatt offers solutions that can determine where energy is being used and at what time of the day, discover excessive usage when outside of business hours, monitor water flow to understand usage or potential flooding, monitoring gas and water leaks, etc. "All of this and more can be done at the touch of a button from a smartphone or a computer. Lighting thermostats and other electrical devices can be controlled through wireless options using cloud computing," adds Paul Pape.

The system is widely used by commercial clients including hospitals, schools, property management companies, high rise condos, offices, etc.

The company also offers sub metering solutions that can read sub-meter for energy and water every few seconds, understand and analyze peak demand time and pattern, perform ANSI C12 revenue grade sub metering, and even allocate sub metered usage costs to individual tenants or business units. The sub metering system can be integrated with an existing system using bac net or mod bus. It also connects to the web automatically to allow central management of installations and store/use historical information.

About TeraWatt Solutions:
The TeraWatt Solutions management system offers complete energy management solutions for industrial and commercial clients. The company designs both software and hardware required to manage an entire building from a remote location and at the touch of a button. To know more, visit, http://www.terawattsolutions.com

Contact Name: Paul Pape


422 Morris Avenue,
Summit, New Jersey
USA - 07901
Phone Number: 908 264 2456

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