Breitling Energy Showcased at Energy Crisis Communication Conference

Released on: April 23, 2015, 4:33 pm (EDT)
Industry: Energy

Dallas, TX, April 23, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Breitling Energy Corporation (OTCBB:BECC) will be featured as a protocol of effective corporate communication at the 4th Annual Energy Crisis Communications & Stakeholders meeting today in Houston.

Breitling Energy’s Chairman and CEO, Chris Faulkner, is an outspoken advocate of hydraulic fracturing who frequently appears in all forms of media. Because there is so much public interest in fracking, particularly in the nation’s 32 states where oil and gas is developed, Faulkner’s views often create a media stir. For example, on London’s Channel 4 news last week, Faulkner invited a local environmentalist who advocates keeping fossil fuels in the ground to travel to Texas, at Faulkner’s expense, but not by using hydrocarbon-based fuels to cross the ocean. His obviously unachievable challenge created a flurry of social media in England, particularly acknowledging the obvious point.

Breitling Energy has become a national voice for responsible American energy development and is recognized as an energy industry leader for effectively communicating its message. “We use all forms of media extensively. It’s something I’ve been crafting since I started my first businesses over twenty years ago,” says Chris Faulkner. “Right now, we’re concentrating our efforts on social media, which is where we have the greatest opportunity to influence. We aren’t the only ones in our industry doing this, but we’re probably one of the loudest. I’m passionate about the message and I want people to understand that what environmentalists advocate would take us back to before coal in the 1700s. Nobody is going to stop flying, and you cannot keep fossil fuels in the ground and maintain our modern lifestyle. They laughed in the studio in London when I made that offer. The news anchors got the point,” Faulkner said.

The conference, presented by Marcus Evans Conferences, targets marketing, media and communications professionals from oil and gas, utility, shipping and transportation sectors. Thomas Miller, Breitling Energy VP of Communications, will follow keynote speaker Peter Knudson of the National Transportation Safety Board with a presentation on “Managing Damages from Extensive Media Onslaught by Engaging Early and Often Via External Communications.”

Breitling Energy Corporation is a growing U.S. energy company based in Dallas, Texas, engaged in the exploration and development of high-probability, lower risk onshore oil and gas properties. The Company’s dual-focused growth strategy primarily relies on leveraging management’s technical and operations expertise to grow through the drill-bit, while also growing its base of non-operating working interests and royalty interests. Breitling Energy's oil and gas operations are focused primarily in the Permian Basin of Texas and the Mississippi oil window of southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma, with non-operating investments in Texas, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Mississippi. Breitling Energy Corporation is traded over the counter under the ticker symbol: BECC. Additional information is available at

Thomas Miller, VP of Communications, Breitling Energy, 214-716-2600
Gil Steedley, VP of Capital Markets, Breitling Energy, 214-716-2600

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