Salamander: System extended with new substructure

Released on: April 01, 2015, 2:46 pm (EDT)
Industry: Construction

Türkheim, Germany, April 01, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The Salamander group (, supplements its range of innovative floor systems for outdoor areas with a well-designed aluminum substructure concept. This allows floating floor installation on surfaces where no downward fixings are possible; it is also ideal for outdoor use due to its weather-resistant properties. Unevenness and differences in height can be quickly and easily compensated.

As a provider of complete outdoor systems for decking (, facade cladding, fences and privacy shields, Salamander is now offering a new substructure solution for the construction of terraces. The complete substructure consists of robust aluminum profiles which can be mounted on a stable frame construction. With Salamander systems, fixing to the substrate is unnecessary, unlike most commonly available substructure solutions. This opens up many new fields of application, because fixing to the ground is not only time-consuming, but indeed is sometimes altogether impossible. With roof terraces or balconies, for example, it is often not possible to fix the substructure to the substrate because the roof membrane must not be damaged. The Salamander system, on the other hand, can be used without any problems. The extremely stable aluminum profiles can be fitted quickly to the desired terrace substructure without pre-drilling due to integrated slots and screw grooves. So no time-consuming alignment is required.

The cleverly-designed connection system includes adjusting studs that enable angles and accessories to be positioned and fixed quickly and securely. The individually adjustable angles mean that even very unusual terrace shapes can be created. Lifts provide a simple means of adjusting the height of the entire substructure. In this way, bumps and unevenness in the substrate and any differences in height can be levelled off without any problems.

It is also child"s play to install the substructure vertically; using the appropriate accessories the substructure can even be extended in the vertical direction. This means that seating and tables, for example, can be permanently integrated into the substructure.

With the introduction of the aluminum substructure, Salamander provides a robust and complete system for outdoor areas because both the substructure and the decking are extremely weather-resistant and waterproof.

The secret of Salamander decking lies in its special mix of materials combined with its specialized production process. The Lurchi-Wood profiles look just like wood but are completely wood-free. The combination of Resysta raw material (made primarily from rice husks) with Salamander"s specialist production and sanding technology has resulted in floor boards ( which combine top quality, extreme weather-resistance, maximum durability and sustainable product solutions. The mix of materials exploits the naturally water-repellent properties of rice husks. And just as the husk protects the rice grain against moisture, the rice husk content in Lurchi-Wood protects the terrace profiles against weathering, rotting, swelling or dangerous splintering. The combination of aluminum substructure with Salamander floor boards is a resistant and highly-effective pairing.

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