New Indiegogo campaign for funding new Idea of paid clouds killer app

Released on: October 21, 2015, 4:18 am (EDT)
Industry: Software

Valencia, Spain, October 21, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- HI. We are young, full of hopes, dedicated to our ideas Ukrainian team and we have everything to reach our goal… except money.

I understand that You hear this every day from lots of people, but we differ a lot from others. First of all, while begging You to pay attention to our idea, we promise You, that when (not if) we succeed and you will look for someone’s help – we will be the first, who will help you to solve your problem… for example, our system administrator has remarkable skills in throwing garbage or washing the dishes -- We hope that You are laughing a bit and ready to read about our idea and help us in our campaign at Indiegogo, starting on the 1st of November.

We have an idea of how to make part of our life easier, cheaper and even FREE.

Usually, cloud services require at least $20 a year for 100 GB space. We think that this is too much and we offer you the same for FREE

bCloud is an app, which is collecting free space of many clouds into one. It connects lots of services in one simple app. And you don’t have to think about buying more space. So, using this app, which is already been developing for android, you don’t have to pay anything for space that usually will cost you more than 20$ for a pretty short period. You get 100 GB with Google drive, MediaFire, One Drive, Yandex, pCloud and others for FREE and without any time limits.

Instead of paying a lot of money for dozens GB of cloud space, use it FREE with bCloud. All your documents, videos, photos and all your files are in one place, in one simple, colorful and functional app.

  • You can reach any necessary information any moment, on any device and any platform
  • Your files are in range of your hand, even without internet connection
  • Your private information is in safe. Google, One Drive, pCloud and others will take care about this. Their protection and technologies are always with you.
  • You can send any file wherever and anyone you want. You can do everything you did before, but with times more free space, than it was before.
  • In just a few clicks, you can make a backup of all your devices with all the videos, photos, music, documents, contacts, and messaging. And restore information at any time on any device
  • All your files in different clouds will be in one place. Just in several clicks any file will be found or moved between clouds.
  • One app instead of many - your battery lasts longer and less traffic is wasted.
  • Use your cloud space rationally. No more unnecessary copies and duplicates.
  • All your files will be stored, synced between clouds and devices, managed by categories automatically
  • You can connect an unlimited number of accounts to any cloud bCloud works with.

bCloud will be developed for android, iOS, Windows and Mac in two versions. Lite and PRO.

Lite: 7 clouds, 100 GB of cloud space, 2 widgets. Price: any platform FREE
PRO: 35 clouds, more than 350 GB of cloud space ( Each update will bring you more clouds), + one more design, 5 widgets, data cash functionality, sharing files and categories, use your login on any device, cross platform and many more. Price: $5/year or $50 no limits version for PC/Mac versions and $2/year or $10 for no limits version.

What We Need & What You Get
When we reach:

  • $5000. That will be enough for finishing developing android free version
  • $10000 will be enough for developing free and PRO versions for PC/Mac
  • $25000 will be enough for developing iOS, windows 10 mobile free versions
  • $50000 is necessary for Android, iOS, Windows 10 mobile PRO versions
  • Android free version will be ready by the 1st of November 2015
  • iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, PC/Mac free versions will be finished by the 1st of June 2016
  • And all PRO versions will be finished by the 1st of September 2016

Helping us now, you will get wonderful perks:) minimum 50% discount! with up to $160 less than regular price for copies of application with all functionality.

So, now we are developing android version, but we are in need of your help in developing PC, Mac, iOS, and Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP versions for free use. And for developing Pro versions.

I think that everybody deserves a chance and I am asking you to give us our chance.

I offer you an opportunity to help good team:) and take part in developing an app, which will help millions of people save millions of dollars.
We also count on your help tips, reviews and your ability to spread news about us all over your social networks, family and friends.
Thank You and Good Luck for us all:)

This is our idea and this is the text that we will be uploaded to Indiegogo. Our campaign starts on the 1st of November… And if You like it just a little bit, please, mention about us and our campaign at your web site and social network. Thank You

Dmitriy Norenko and bCloud team


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