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Press Release Summary = Enter replica watches : these affordably priced timepieces
give the same touch of luxurious feel, and make what is a dream to most people, a
reality. However, with literally hundreds upon hundreds of websites with thousands
of different products, and many different grades, it is easy for the consumer to get
confused and simply overwhelmed with information.

This article was thoroughly researched, and presented in a clean format for easy
consumption for our readers. It clearly delineates the various grades of replicas
available on the market, the features you should expect, and just as importantly,
the price you should expect to pay.

Press Release Body = A quick summary of the grades of the replica watches available,

Grade 1A Swiss Replica Watches (Triple AAA+ grade)
Grade 1B Swiss Replica Watches (A+ grade)
Grade 1A Japanese Replica watches
Grade 1B Japanese Replica watches
Poor Asian Replica watches



The ultimate luxury, the crme da la crme of replicas. These perfectly crafted
timepieces are heavily in demand, are crafted from a 1:1 block from the original,
hence maintaining perfect dimensions.

Usually using either the upgraded 27 Jewel Swiss ETA movement, or the 25 jewel Swiss
ETA 2836-2 movement, these Grade 1A Swiss replica watches have an approximately 70
hour continuous power reserve, which is identical to the originals.

Production is hand crafted, and in very limited supply. Many websites purportedly
claim to sell Swiss Grade 1A replicas, but please take caution, as many of these
websites are fly-by-night. For assurance, please check out our website review
section for dealers with a solid and established reputation.

Genuine Swiss Grade AAA+ replicas would come with the following:

Two-tone models use genuine 18k Solid gold
Full 18k Gold models use genuine triple wrapped 18k Gold
Genuine sapphire crystal used (mineral density tests should be used to verify this)
Diamond simulations are often mossainites
Full fledged serial numbers and engravings
Pressure tested and waterproof to usual depths of 30M/100ft at minimum
1:1 block crafted from original
99.9% accurate weight to the original
Genuine 440 grade (or higher) stainless steel construction
27 jewel or 25 jewel authentic ETA movements
Chronograph movements are either 7750 Valjouix, or manual wind Lemanias
Websites that offer genuine grade 1A Swiss replica watches are very few, and far
between. After exhaustive research and feedback from our customers, we have narrowed
the field down to two genuine suppliers of these rare timepieces.

At some expense, we also managed to verify the movement, crystal, gold, diamonds
with jewelers to establish that these websites actually market genuine Swiss Grade
1A replicas (AAA+).

Pricing for Swiss Grade 1A replicas would range from $800 - $1300 approximately.
Please be very wary of many sites marketing Japanese + Lower grade Swiss replicas as
triple AAA+ grade Swiss replicas.

Because of its high price, we do not offer this grade at



Looking to splurge but not spent $1300 on a replica? The Grade 1B Swiss replica
watches would be the absolute perfect solution.

Impeccable in construction, using the finest materials, A+ Grade Swiss are almost as
good as their AAA+ Swiss counterparts. Some small differences separate the two (and
also account for the difference in pricing).

Grade 1 Swiss replicas are also sometimes - although rarely - available in brands
such as Omega, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Cartier etc.

Prices for genuine grade 1B Swiss replica watches would range from $400 - $1000
approximately. These top of the line watches would come with the following
guaranteed specifications:

Genuine Swiss ETA movements (usually the 25 jewel 2836-2 or 2834-2 movements)
Sapphire Crystal
Genuine triple wrapped 18k Gold on gold models
Full fledgedSerial number engravings
Pressure tested and waterproof to 30M / 100ft
1:1 crafted block from original
Genuine 440 grade (minimum requirement) stainless steel construction for SS models
Chronograph movements may be the 7750b or 7750 movement, manual wind lemanias as well
Diamonds are usually high grade Cubic Zirconia stones
For watch enthusiasts who enjoy having dozens of different watches in different
brands, and are insistent on a Swiss construction, finish and movement, Grade 1B
Swiss replica watches are a perfect selection.

**For recommended, our ETA watches series are belong to this grade, please check our
websites if you are interested.**



Japanese replica Rolex watches are one of the most commonly found watches on the

They are often very reasonably priced, well constructed with good quality and finish
(assume you purchase from the right vendors), come with excellent warranties (again
vendor specific), and don't carry the hefty price tag of their Swiss counterparts.

However, should one decide to purchase a Japanese replica watch, there are many
pitfalls to be careful of. Things to carefully consider, given the snake-oil like
marketing stratagems of many fly-by-night websites:

Am I purchasing a genuine Grade 1A Japanese replica watch, or a imitation Grade 1B
Japanese, or even worse, an Asian replica?
Does the website provide an adequate warranty policy?
Does the website have an adequate return / exchange policy?
Genuine grade 1A Japanese replica watches are constructed of full, solid stainless
steel, so should never fade or wear.

Specifications would include:

21 to 25 jewel Japanese Miyota automatic movements
Genuine heavily micron plated gold (often ranging from 7-10 microns)
Genuine scratch resistant mineral or sapphire crystal
Full threaded screws in bands (for appropriate models)
Correct and accurate weight and markings
99% accurate markings
Prices for genuine grade 1A Japanese replica watches usual range from $180 - $400.

This is the range that we would recommend for most readers who are interested in
replicas, and enjoy the novelty of having a large selection of different
brands/models, without compromising on quality.

**Most of the watches at is belong to this grade.**



Grade 1B Japanese replica watches are amongst the most common grade quality watches
sold on the internet by most decent replica websites.

Typically, they are heavily stainless steel coated (instead of solid stainless
steel), use a generic Japanese 17 jewel movement. Occasionally, the 21 jewel generic
Japanese movement may be used, but these are rarer.

Crystal quality ranges from genuine mineral crystal to scratch resistant polymer
plastic or glass.

Most internet websites that market these Grade 1B Japanese replicas do so at very
comparable prices to Grade 1A Japanese replicas. As such, it is the recommendation
of our review team that where possible, customers should stick to reputable Japanese
Grade 1A replica websites (see the review above).

The quality for grade 1A Is substantially better than grade 1B, and prices are very
similar. (usually in the $180 - $400 price range).

Be very careful of scam websites, that spend thousands on advertising only to pass
on these costs to the consumer.

For example, globalreplica, one of the larger scam sites, sells grade 1B Japanese
and Asian replica watches for $300 - $350. 80% of their deliveries are also for the
wrong models, and since they take money order payment, no refund is possible.

Recommended sites for Grade 1B Japanese replicas:

** Some of the watches at is belong to this grade.**



Finally - the largest category of replica quality. The 'asian' replica.

This term is often misunderstood, and overused. 99% of replicas - be it Swiss,
Japanese Grade 1A, Grade 1B, or Asian manufacture replicas, are often assembled and
warehoused in Asia.

The reason behind this is largely one of copyright issues. Instead of warehousing in
countries where the copyright laws are stringent, and warehousing costs are high,
most watches usually end up being inventoried in copyright friendly countries like

Nonetheless, be wary of the fully asian produced replica. This is what we are RWR
tend to refer to as a novelty replica. It should be priced no more than $10 - $50
(although most websites try to pass it off as Japanese, and sell for $200 - $400),
and is rarely expected to last for any amount of time at all.

Build quality can range from anything from decent to atrocious, since there are
literally thousands of factories in Asia churning these low grade replicas out by
the hundreds of thousands.

The Asian watches whose origin dates back to the late 70\'s are one of the most
popular watches available on the Internet even today.

The palpable imperfection of the Asian watches is the clear glass casing to show the
swinging movements and the common flaw found in the watches is that there are no
screws in the watch band with the metal wrap, which makes itself the band.

They all have disparities of China-made movements, with stainless steel plated and
as well as phony gold plating at times. Even though the value of the replica watch
is not as low-priced as the battery operated quartz replicas, a lot of people can
make out they are false just by one glance.

Typically, an Asian replica is often much lighter than the original, may also often
use quartz movement instead of automatic movement (which is a dead giveaway for a
replica in Rolex and other Automatic brands such as Patek).


Please be very careful. We do not recommend considering low grade replicas except
for purely novelty purposes!

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