LMLA-ink Stuntmen Metofeaz Litigatti and Jon Le Mac close to collapsing house of cards!

Released on = May 31, 2007, 12:18 am

Press Release Author = John Reyer Afamasaga (LMLA-ink)

Industry = Internet & Online

Press Release Summary = ..."Imagine what Rupert Murdoch would’ve said, ah?"

Press Release Body = Hot on the heels of snaring Rudy Cecera’s enthusiastic agreement to script John Lazoo, the Stage Play, I’ve decided to divulge this story in aid of keeping any integrity I may have left, and also of allowing me to hold onto my press pass for future concerts I may want to enter for free.

Yes, they just about shot themselves in the feet. He fronted, as a favor I asked of him on top of the $15 he pays me per press release. As he shut the door he said, “Yes, Jimmy – what can I make up for you today, a coffee or a story, ah?”

Talking to John Reyer Afamasaga, it’s hard to believe that 48 hours ago he came close to collapsing the house of cards that he, Lazoo, Metofeaz, and Le Mac have built. “Yeah,” he said, “I’ll have to have words with Metofeaz and Le Mac. Maybe take their DVD & TV rights off them – something like that.”

Only I know because I was there.

Their ad on craigslist.org for a Hollywood writer to script WIPEWORLDWIDE, the screenplay of WIPE, quickly yielded two replies. The one which caught their eye was from a hardworking screenwriter whose work has been optioned in Germany. They Googled “Julian Philips”, and at the top of the list appeared a link to a FoxNews presenter of the same name. They wrote a piece, had it proofed, and advised their business broker of a coup and the headline that could well have sealed their fate: “LMLA-ink Click with Former FoxNews Presenter to Develop WIPE.”

As they posted the press release on a distribution site, an email from their Julian Philips arrived with a photo attached to it (the one on the left – photo at dmfiction.com). They sent a quick note to the website asking it to STOP PRESS, and once again averted an imminent PR disaster. “Imagine what Rupert Murdoch would’ve said, ah?” he said as he smiled at the sunshine at last coming through the open window.

According to Afamasaga, Julian Philips’s stories have the same quirky and closed view of the world as does Jon Le Mac’s. “Julian’s stories are small,” he noted, “in cramped, small, well-defined spaces – up in a tree, beside a grave. He’ll be able to make things intimate within the spaces we conjure, like inside a video game, which is essentially inside a TV screen.”

WIPE (available at etfiction.com) is the heartwarming story of how Polina Rada, a Russian orphan, an FBI Agent named Ms San Fe, and a bad boy from LA named John Page all come together as a family unit. This comes to pass within a world-wide phenomenon of a video game that creates itself as people play it. It does this by sucking their ideas through the controls its players innocently hold to play its levels, which they have unconsciously created – WIPE the video game.

Portions of the screenplay will be available on www.dmfiction.com, LMLA-ink’s new portal. These will include the synopsis, snippets of the character development process, and a few sample scenes, as a precursor to the launch of the Wireless Data Content Provider in November.

John Reyer Afamasaga also said that “Julian will also be able to sensitize for you and me what Polina Rada and WIPE are about, just as Lazoo had dreamed it”

Web Site = http://www.dmfiction.com

Contact Details = john@afamasaga.net


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