SinoHub Achieves Enterprise Coordinator Status at HuangGang Customs

SinoHub Technology Company Joins Top Tier at HuangGang China Entry Point



Released on = July 4, 2007, 8:51 pm

Press Release Author = SinoHub Technology Company, Ltd.

Industry = Electronics

Press Release Summary = SinoHub Technology Company, Ltd. awarded Enterprise Coordinator status at HuangGang customs as top ranked electronic component supply chain management services provider

Press Release Body = SHENZHEN, PR CHINA July 1, 2007 -- SinoHub Technology Company, Ltd. today announced that it has been awarded Enterprise Coordinator status at HuangGang customs. This comes on top of “A” Credit status, which was awarded in 2006, and “Green Line” status that SinoHub achieved in 2005.

SinoHub is a leading company in the rapidly growing field of electronic component supply chain management services in China (import/export, buffer inventory, procurement fulfillment, just-in-time delivery and Vendor Managed Inventory).

"SinoHub is a strong company, which has abided by all of the import/export rules and established an excellent reputation for delive ring high quality import/export services," said Mr. Liu, Customs Officer, HuangGang Customs. "We have worked with SinoHub to award MOU's to a number of their customers which greatly facilitates goods entry into P.R. China.”

"We are delighted to be so highly regarded by HuangGang Customs," said Harry Cochran , CEO of SinoHub. "We will continue to process the bulk of our orders at this border crossing."

SinoHub Service Offerings
The Integrated Supply Chain service suite provided by Sinohub, SinoHub Electronics Harbor™, is tailored to the electronic components business requirements in China . It helps electronic component industry participants reduce inventory costs, shorten purchasing lead-time and solve RMB purchasing and VAT invoicing problems. Because SinoHub only deals with electronic components, we can implement all of the special features which are required by our customers in our MIS system, SinoHub SCM, and still deliver exceptional performance. Since SinoHub SCM is Web based, our customers can know the status of their goods shipments, inventory in our warehouses and financial transactions any time, day or night, from anywhere.

"We are pleased to have such strong backing from HuangGang Customs", said Willa Li, SinoHub's CFO. "Our solid relationship with HuangGang Customs will continue to be a key reason why customers choose SinoHub when it comes to supply chain management services.”

About SinoHub, Inc.
SinoHub Technology Company, Ltd.
was organized in Shenzhen in September 2000 by veteran entrepreneur Harry Cochran and electronic component industry veteran Lei Xia to facilitate the electronics revolution in China by providing world-class services for all participants in the supply chain of electronic components.

For more information, please visit our Web site at

Contact Details = SinoHub, Inc.
Tel: 0755-26012223
Fax: 0755-26012224
Room B, 2nd Floor, M-10, Central (W.),
Shenzhen High-Tech Park,
Shenzhen, China



摘要:协诺科技有限公司荣获 皇岗海关企业协调员资格,成为电子元器件供应链管理服务的顶级提供商。

2007 年 7 月 1 日 中国深圳-协诺科技有限公司今天宣 布已荣获 皇岗海关企业协调员资格。这是协诺在 2005 年获得“绿色通道”企业和 2006 年获得 A 级信誉企业后获得的更高级别的殊荣。


“协诺是一家强大的公司,遵守各项进出口规定,并享有提供高质量进出口服务的良好信誉,”皇岗海关官员 刘 先生说。“我们和协诺合作, 将 MOU 授予很多协诺促进入口中国的客户。“

“我们很高兴得到皇岗海关的高度认可,”协诺的 CEO , Harry Cochran 先生说,“我们会继续在这里处理我们的大批量货物。”


协诺提供的集成供应链服务,协诺 Electronics Harbor™ 是根据中国的电子元器件市场需求量身打造的,可以帮助电子元器件企业减少库存成本,缩短采购周期并解决人民币购汇和增值税发票的问题。由于协诺只面向电子元器件行业,我们可以在我们的 MIS 系统,协诺 SCM 系统中实现客户需要的特定功能,并保障出色的性能。由于协诺的 SCM 系统是基于网络的,我们的客户可以在任何时间,任何地点查看其货物的运输、在我们仓库的仓储和财务结算的状态。

“我们很高兴能够得到皇岗海关如此鼎力的支持,”协诺的 CFO 李德海 先生说,“我们和皇岗海关坚实的合作关系是客户在需要供应链管理服务时选择协诺的关键原因。”


协诺科技有限公司是于 2000 年 9 月在深圳成立的,由经验丰富的企业家 Harry Cochran 先生和电子元器件行业的资深人士 夏磊 先生创建,通过向电子元器件供应链上的相关企业提供世界级的服务为中国带来电子业的变革。




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