New “QuietSound” Web Site Offers a Spiritual Oasis of Healing Resources, Paranormal Insights, and Personal Empowerment

Released on: March 23, 2008, 2:09 pm

Press Release Author: Carol Sokowski

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: In an era of spiritual alienation & disillusionment, QuietSound helps quiet the mind & provide positive support for body & soul.

Press Release Body: (Virginia Beach, VA, USA) – In a year filled with growing uncertainty about everything from the economy to our personal sense of purpose in life, one new Web site offers a positive outlook through practical, insightful resources.

QuietSound is a renowned psychic who comes from a long and respected lineage of intuitive guides and readers. With more than 30 years of experience and several family members who share her special visionary gift, she created the Web site to extend a wide range of unique and uplifting services to the greater public. QuietSound offers educational resources and insightful opportunities to enrich the mind and soul, including personal one-on-one spiritual readings for nominal fees.

Whether you are interested in relationship and love readings, past life and psychic trance readings, or an intuitive reading related to business, career, or family, QuietSound offers those plus much more. Exciting and interesting links to related resources include grief guidance from a Hospice certified bereavement counselor and courses for healing the loss of a loved one or pet.

Even as far back as 150 AD, the Greek physician Galen – considered the father of Western medical science – used humor to successfully treat patients. A joke or funny story can alleviate stress and give the mind another way of looking at the situation. Now you can benefit from the same therapy by simply visiting Quiet Sound online, day or night and checking out the links to laughing classes. Learn first hand why laughter is – and always has been – the best medicine.

Sadly, one out of every four Americans now report that they have nobody to confide in, according to a nationwide survey recently reported in the American Sociological Review. But a 2005 Gallup Poll revealed that more than 40 percent of those surveyed believes in extrasensory perception. Many of those who responded to the poll added that they have faith in clairvoyance, telepathy, and other forms of psychic communication and spiritual vision. The word “psychic” – although often misunderstood or sensationalized in modern culture – is derived from the early Greek culture. Those ancient philosophers and soothsayers referred to matters pertaining to the soul as “psychikos”, and QuietSound represents the computer age expression of that age-old human phenomenon.

People of all ages throughout history have sought solice and quietude from inner exploration. But as we advance toward greater scientific discovery, deeper journeys into distant corners of the known universe, and more accelerated technological methods of interpersonal global communication, the need to speak to someone on an intimate spiritual level expands and becomes more and more vital and urgent.

QuietSound engages the power of modern telecommunications for a higher purpose, to create a portal for personal examination and enjoyment of the miraculous healing universe within each of us. We live in an era when millions of Americans are less connected to each other on a face to face level but are increasingly reliant upon the Internet for social networking. But while a world of turmoil surrounds us and inhabits our minds and hearts, QuietSound represents a gift that spans two worlds – that of the postmodern 21st century and that of the timeless experience of meaningfulness, calm, and sacred insight shared by spiritual humankind. Visit it and discover your own unique connection to the rich treasure of QuietSound.


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