Fengshui and the Power of “Lucky” Numbers


Released on: April 29, 2008, 9:26 am

Press Release Author: Jorge L. Chong / Freelance

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Only 100 days left until the beginning of the Beijing Olympics, and do you know why it starts on the 08.08.08?

Press Release Body: BEIJING, Apr. 28- Call it an obsession, infatuation or what you want. But for any newcomer to China it won't take long time to find out how madly in love the people are with lucky numbers.

China has an interrupted history of more than five thousand years. And in this booming economy almost any number can bring you good or bad luck. In Chinese language, the number 8 is pronounced similarly as “Fa” and Facai means “to become wealthy” that is why the number 8 is venerated in China. Lucky numbers include three, six, eight and nine.

Can Fengshui really bring Good Fortune? Nowadays tradition appears to change. "I don't believe in these kind of things," said Penny Guo, who works as a trader for a large import-export company in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. But for Feng Xie, who lives and works in Shenzhen, it's more important to avoid unlucky numbers than to chase good ones.

Feng, a 26-year-old professional, says that although she doesn't have any faith in numbers specifically, she still avoids anything to do with the number four, and would not feel comfortable with that number in her mobile phone number or address. Most Chinese regard it unlucky because "four" sounds too close to "death" in Chinese.

Those who still aren't convinced of the power of numbers and think the Beijing Olympics start on the 8th of August just for coincidence, might want to consider 100YearsWebPage.com the owner of this website is offering the possibility to bring “100 years of good luck” to everyone that advertise on the site since he used all the Fengshui principals to design his site. Moreover, the advertising spaces start at only… can you guess? Yes 8 bucks.

Web Site: http://100yearswebpage.com

Contact Details: Room 1803, Chang An Street #11
Beijing, PR of China


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