Schillings announce the autumn season of BITESized briefings


Released on: September 25, 2008, 4:40 am

Press Release Author: Christopher Mills

Industry: Law

Press Release Summary: Schillings announce the topics for their upcoming BITESized briefings, a series of short information and Q&A events

Press Release Body: Schillings, one of Britain's top law firms specialising in the areas of reputation management and brand protection, are to hold their second series of BITESized briefings, These information events help their clients and PR professionals keep up to date with how to use the law as a tool in managing and protecting reputations.

These Schillings events will fall into one of three categories: preparation, prevention and publication. Schillings Lawyers will show those who attend the events what to do early on, in order to prepare for and avoid unwanted media attention, what to do if faced with the threat of a damaging story being published and how damage can be limited and reputations restored after publication.

The first of this season’s BITESized briefings, which was held at Schillings offices in London at the start of September, focused on the subject of executive reputation management. Knowing that Senior Executives' reputations are as important to a corporate brand as the company’s performance, Schillings Lawyers demonstrated how to keep personal information such as details of bonuses and family information out of the press and how, by protecting the privacy and reputation of its senior executives, a company can ultimately protect the corporate reputation.

The next briefing to be held later in the month will focus on the importance of HR in averting a possible media crisis. With a large number of media situations arising as a result of activities by disgruntled ex-employees, Schillings will explain the practical steps which can be taken by HR professionals to prevent any issues escalating into a communications and media crisis.

The third event in the autumn season will concentrate on the legal tools available for dealing with crisis management. The session will aim to dispel the myths about using the law in assisting with a media crisis and explain how the law can help set the record straight when faced with defamation issues. Schillings will also explain how employing such legal tools can provide the PR and communications teams with positive messages for restorative communications.

Further BITESized briefings from Schillings will commence in the winter, offering advice and information on handling the media and protecting reputations from a legal perspective.

About Schillings:
Schillings is one of Britain’s top law firms dedicated to safeguarding the reputations of international corporations, brands, celebrities and high-profile business people.

Defamation, privacy and copyright are at the heart of the firm’s work, prompting The Independent newspaper to call Schillings a "spectacularly efficient media law firm".

Schillings Lawyers use the law to protect the reputations, privacy and confidentiality of clients by helping them and their PR advisers to manage what is published and broadcast about them. It is their ability to adapt to the threats posed by the ever changing media landscape which keeps them at the forefront of this specialist area.

Schillings clients include supermodel Naomi Campbell, actress Nicole Kidman, seven times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, Harry Potter author JK Rowling, pharmaceuticals maker GlaxoSmithKline, leading investment bank Kaupthing, steel maker Arcelor Mittal, the Harrods Group and the London Stock Exchange.

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