Beautiful Review announces its findings on several cosmetic products widely popularized in the market today


Released on: November 7, 2008, 10:57 am

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Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: It is necessary for the public to be replete with information about the dominating cosmetics, anti ageing, and facial beauty products sold in the market today.

Press Release Body: Bryan, TX – November 2, 2008- The numbers of beauty products sold in the market have mushroomed and will continue to grow in unison with the latest discoveries of ingredients and ways of reverting the skin’s ageing.

“These products are created to be beneficial for us, but if not properly chosen and used, these can cause detrimental effects on a person’s physical appearance, emotional responses, and social interaction.”

Since the company was established, it has provided product reviews including companies marketing beauty products, beauty services, and top selling cosmetic and anti ageing items sold to the public either online or through local stores.

The following are latest reviews conducted by the company:

Restylane: Restylane is labeled to contain hyaluronic acid, a component normally found in many tissues such as the skin and cartillage. It is recommended to prevent and cure severe skin damages and could be administered to the patient through injection therapy. A doctor's prescription is needed before anyone will be allowed to purchase Restylane.

Precaution Against Imitation: Packing of the finished product does not contain any complete ingredients label as a precautionary measure to prevent any prospective consumer from procuring these ingredients individually, thereby assuring that no unauthorized production or imitation is undertaken by anybody or any entity.

Indication: Side effects of Restylane may include red or swollen skin that normally last up to seven (7) days.

StriVectin-SD: Strivectin-SD, manufactured by Klein-Becker, prevents skin wrinkles and lessens stretch marks caused by pregnancy. Klein-Becker strongly recommends a patch test before applying the product for regular use. Among the products manufactured by Klein-Becker are StriVectin Eye Cream and other age-defying medications for both men and women.

Packing and Label: StriVectin-SD products are packed and shipped without any label and complete list of ingredients to prevent any imitation or unauthorized production. On the manufacturer’s website, the product is said to have passed clinical tests, however no actual test results are presented on the website.

Thermage: Thermage is a reputable company marketing skin-care techniques for women. The procedure is said to trigger "heat" to the Collagen Strands causing it to tighten. A skin treatment session can last from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the area of concentration.

Indications: The company strongly recommends the procedure to be done only on women aging 35 to 60 years old. It is known to be costly and the company does not offer a money back guarantee.

Youthful Essence: Youthful Essence is a home microdermabrasion system marketed by Guthy-Renker. The package contains a Vitamin-Enriched Resurfacing Cream, two sponge applicators, and a watertight resurfacing tool. It is advertised to be applicable for you for facial and body treatments.

Side Effects: The company does not provide free trial products to interested individuals. In addition, the abrasive crystals produced after the application may irritate sensitive skins.

Youthology: Youthology is a product brand used in various skin care and anti-ageing products. Among the company's products are the Nighttime Nourisher and Daytime Nourisher effective to moisturize skin and prevent it from ageing.

Disadvantage: Most of the company’s products do not contain Matrixyl 3000®, a combination of Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide – 7, as compared to other skin care products.

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Beautiful Review is an independent company committed to providing the public with unbiased reviews about general cosmetics widely sold in the market today and their manufacturers. Reviews are written by hand and products are tested and examined by human editors. The company can be reached through their website at


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