Public Health And Safety May Fall Short With Obama Plan


Released on: November 19, 2008, 6:47 am

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Press Release Body: (DEPERE, WI)—With just a few months before President-elect Barack Obama takes over the White House, one expert is questioning whether his plan for infrastructure reform is complete.

Months ago, Obama called for the creation of a National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank to help rebuild America’s roads and bridges.

Russ Allen, author of the new book Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You?, says the plan ought to include provisions for dealing with a little-known but serious form of electrical pollution called “stray current.”

“The way that utility companies in this country have built their distribution systems allows stray current to run through American homes and infrastructure on its way back to substations,” says Allen. “That stray current has killed people as well as livestock, and could be taxing the healthcare system by causing illness.”

More and more lawsuits across the nation are being won by plaintiffs who are suing utility companies over this dangerous issue.

Mr. Allen says that Obama’s plan should include legislation that mandates utility companies return stray current to their substations on a third wire, just as the builders of homes are required to install outlets with a third wire. “If stray current isn’t stopped, Americans will continue to suffer its effects,” says Mr. Allen.

Some states, including Wisconsin, Michigan and New York, have already tried to pass legislation requiring that utility companies monitor stray current but many of those attempts have fallen short. The attempted legislation followed studies that confirmed the dangers of stray current.

Electrocution of America is Mr. Allen’s attempt to combat stray voltage and the utilities that allow it. In his book, he points out that stray current, or stray voltage as it is sometimes called, can have devastating effects on people, including:
• An increase in the blood sugar levels of diabetics
• An increase in the severity of the symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis
• An increase in the incidents of ADD in children
• An increase in the numbers of fibromyalgia sufferers

There is even evidence of a reduction in the milk production of livestock.

Russ Allen is one of the heirs to the Allen Dairy Farm outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and a leader in the movement against the electrical pollution of animals. He won a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Wisconsin Public Service for the damage they caused to his dairy herd with the design of their distribution system.

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