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Released on: November 7, 2008, 11:04 am

Press Release Author: Roberta

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: The numbers of men’s sexual health products available in the market today have reached an alarming stage and many of these products are ineffective for use to most men.

Press Release Body: Tortola, VG – November 2, 2008- The increasing demand for men’s sexual health products encouraged a growing numbers of companies to invest millions of dollars in research, development, and manufacturing of these products.

Men’s products may contain substances and ingredients that are not applicable and healthy for use to every man. Other ingredients may cause side effects that could lead to severe health problems. Through the company’s initiative, the public is provided with necessary information about these products usage and effect.

Here are the latest reviews conducted on products marketed for developing men’s sex organ:

Super LQ: Super LQ is effective for increasing the size of men's sexual organ. It is said to enlarge the penis size up to three (3) to four (4) inches. The product contains Saw Palmetto known to enhance men's sexual drive and good for prostate health. Super LQ also contains Tribulus for enhancing testosterone and Yohimbe that increases blood circulation to the penis.

Side Effects: With Saw Palmetto as a major ingredient in Super LQ, a patient may experience one or more of these side effects including nausea, cramping, diarrhea and headaches.

Consumer Comments: Several patients who have tried Super LQ claimed the ineffectiveness of the product to enhance men’s sex organ. Only few patients were given the results marketed by its manufacturer.

T BoostT: T Boost is a formula developed to assist men in maintaining and enhancing their testosterone level as they grow older. It is said that men's testosterone level decreases an average of 1% per year.

Packing and Label: Packed products do not contain any information regarding the formula used.

Consumer Comments: Many of T Boost™ users were not totally conceived with the effectiveness of the product.

Vicerex: Vicerex is a men's formula known for its long lasting and fast effects. The medication is said to contain known formulas found in many men's sexual health products. Among these ingredients are Eurycoma Longifolia, effective for enhancing the testosterone, and Horny Goat Weed effective for provoking men's sexual desires. Other ingredients include Tribulus Terrestris, Maca, and Ginkgo Biloba.

Packing and Label: Packed products do not include complete formula list to aid users when conducting self initiated research on ingredients composing the product.

Consumer Comments: Huge criticisms were received from several discontented consumers who claimed that the product was not able to provide the enhancing it advertised. The medication is a temporary solution for enhancing the penis since its effect will only last for three (3) days.

VPXL: Though marketed to help enlarge men's sex organ, the products is said to be ineffective for use by many of its former users. VPXL is advertised through spam emails and are most likely disregarded by men in need of supplements.

Disadvantages: The shipped products do not disclosed any ingredients or formula used. The manufacturer is said to have changed the name of the product several times either to conceal it or to introduce the same product using other brand names. No website is available for the product and the manufacturer is hard to reach. In addition, the product received several negative feedbacks from most of its former users.

VytalinT: VytalinT is effective for increasing men's sexual desire and resolve erectile problems. The manufacturer of the product claims that the product is a natural herbal supplement and offers two bottles of it as free trials. The manufacturer also sited on their website that two tablets of VytalinT a day can bring good results.

Packing and Label: Similar to other men’s sexual health medications, Vytalin™ is packed and shipped without corresponding label of ingredients and formulation listed.

Consumer Comments: Former users have several negative comments about the product and suggested for its discontinued usage.

Zenerx: Like most men's enhancing products available in the market, Zenerx offers the same solution and is advertised as a natural herbal supplement. It helps increase the testosterone level of men and enhances the use of nitric oxide for larger and firmer erection.

Disadvantages: Zenerx does not contain any signs of Yohimbe and Damiana, ingredients that are commonly found on most men’s enhancing products.

Consumer Comments: Like the other products mentioned above, Zenerx received severe criticisms from former users who were not able to receive the advantages that the product advertised.

About the Company:
The Mens Choice is a non-profit organization established to provide unbiased reviews and finding on the increasing numbers of men’s sexual health products that are dominating the market. The company has provided numerous reviews about these products including several harmful effects these products can impart on patients. The company is reachable through their website at

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