New Contract Writing Software for California Contractors


Released on: December 12, 2008, 5:36 am

Press Release Author: Bill Grote/Craftsman Book Company

Industry: Construction

Press Release Summary: A new software program allows California contractors to draft their own customized contracts legal for California law. Free trial available at

Press Release Body: (CARLSBAD, CA)— The new Construction Contract Writer software program from Craftsman Book Company offers construction professionals an affordable and convenient way to create fair and balanced custom-tailored construction contracts that meet state requirements. A free feature-limited trial is available at

Publisher Gary Moselle explains that Construction Contract Writer is a Generation III contract authoring program: “For 100 years, architectural and engineering associations have offered contracts on paper. That was Generation I. None of these contracts were written to protect contractors. And it isn't easy to make changes in a printed form. Generation II was contracts on disk. Changes were possible. But there was no way to adjust contract bias. Construction Contract Writer is the first Generation III application. Users adjust contract bias to fit the job.” A bias indicator shows which way the contract is leaning and by how much.

Construction Contract Writer uses a question and answer “interview” model – walking users through a comprehensive checklist of contract topics. Length and depth of the interview adjusts with user responses. Moselle sums it up like this, “If you know the job and you know what the job requires, Construction Contract Writer will do the rest." An ‘explainer’ describes in plain English the purpose and meaning of each contract clause. No legal background is required.

Moselle says there will be a Construction Contract Writer edition for every state. “The law in every state is different. No contract fits all states. A contract that doesn’t comply with state law can leave a contractor with no way to collect the contract price.” The California version is now available for download. Arizona, Alabama, Florida, New York and Texas are next on the list for roll-out.

“Even experienced construction contract attorneys will find good uses for Construction Contract Writer,” says Moselle. The program cites state court decisions and code sections relevant to key interview questions.

The program is offered as a free feature-limited trial. Product activation costs $99.95 and unlocks the copy, paste and print functions. Twelve months of legal content and program updates are included with the purchase price.

Craftsman Book Company provides unlimited free technical support during normal business hours (weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific). Once activated, Construction Contract Writer users receive legal support via e-mail. There is no limit and no charge. Customers can expect a response within 24 hours. Construction Contract Writer runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista computers.

Craftsman Book Company publishes over 100 construction-related titles and has been in business since 1950. Craftsman’s customers include contractors, estimators, remodelers, custom builders, architects, engineers, adjusters and appraisers. Craftsman’s Web site,, also offers trial downloads of their estimating costbooks and software.

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