Stock Market Investors Shift From Wall Street To High Yield Investments On Main Street


Released on: December 18, 2008, 8:02 am

Press Release Author: IFAZ LLC

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Most investors traditionally resort to bank CDs during an economic downturn. But CDs may not be the best option considering the low returns they guarantee. Therefore, a more favorable option during this economic downturn could be in an alternative private investment with higher yield and a guarantee offered by a financial company such Integrity Financial AZ based in Sacramento, CA.

Press Release Body: Sacramento, CA – December 17, 2008 – Investors across the stock market could soon find a better alternative to the traditional bank CDs in guaranteed return investments, claims Integrity Financial AZ, a leading financial investment company headquartered in Sacramento, California.

Financial companies realize that the current credit crisis is causing an economic downturn as well as apprehension among the investors losing their retirement savings due to the stock market plunge. Analyzing the current scenario, investors are also worried that the stock market may not recover in the near term from the recent "Ticker Shock" being reported minute by minute by the media.

In order to escape the financial morass, "Wall Street investors are scrambling for alternative investment vehicles to recoup their stock market losses in the safest investments possible while at the same time staving off the under-toe of inflation," says Stanley Paulic, CEO of Integrity Financial AZ,, and one of the leading financial companies of the United States. "Finding a high equity yield investment on Main Street to recoup one's losses is even doable in this economy," Paulic adds.

"Earning higher yields and a guaranteed rate of return does not automatically correlate to ultra-high risk. It might just mean that it is a better investment vehicle with better margins for investors. After all, what is riskier than Wall Street, especially right now where most investors are suffering from double-digit negative returns?"

"You can earn a guaranteed return with a bank CD, but the return will be low." His statements are based on the fact that the rate of return for investors on bank CDs is 2-3% during economic downturns.

Company management states that investors can rollover their 401k or transfer an existing self directed IRA to purchase 10% guaranteed investment contracts secured by real estate. Over the long run these contracts earn more in comparison to CDs making such guaranteed investments more preferable.

About Company
Integrity Financial A-Z Company was founded by Steven R. Long, President, and Stanley M. Paulic, Chief Executive Officer, with the vision to create financial independence for internal clients so that they are self-sustaining, self-generating, and self-perpetuating as stated in Latin on the logo. The company aims to provide clients with financial independence assuring high equity yield investments and 10% guaranteed returns, which three to four times the rate of return of normal Bank CDs.

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