Tracesmart ahead of the competition with 2009 Electoral Roll Search


Released on: December 16, 2008, 6:35 am

Press Release Author: Tracesmart

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Tracesmart visitors will be first to access new Electoral Roll Search 2009

Press Release Body: Cardiff based company Tracesmart, is the first online people search facility to make the 2009 edited Electoral Roll available to the general public. To ensure their customers have access to the most up-to-date records available, Tracesmart has uploaded the new electoral data in record time this year, easily out-manoeuvring the competition and significantly benefiting their loyal customer base.

The Electoral Roll plays a pivotal part in assisting people who are looking to find relatives or friends that they have lost contact with. As the most accurate annual snapshot of the UK adult population available, the Electoral Roll is one of the foundations on which Tracesmart's people search facility is built.

When a trace is conducted using one of the Tracesmart websites many tools, such as the address search or friend finder, the results provided are collated from various sources, now including Electoral Rolls from 2003 to 2009 and the company's unique Tracesmart Register. Visitors to the site can choose which datasets they query during their trace, or alternatively they may choose to search through all available records. The new Electoral Roll data sits alongside the previous years and Tracesmart customers can choose to only search the most current electoral roll search if they so wish.

Paul Weathersby, Technical Director, commented "Being the first online tracing facility to provide 2009 electoral information reinforces our commitment to provide the most up-to-date and accurate data. We continually strive to ensure that our customers experience high positive result rates when attempting to locate someone, the accuracy of data an individual has access to when tracing can make all of the difference"

To maintain the accuracy of the new electoral data, Tracesmart will be refreshing it on a monthly basis from January 2009 with Rolling Register updates. Amendments made through Rolling Register updates amount to almost 150,000 records per month and ensure that electoral information supplied by Tracesmart is as accurate as possible.

Highlighting the importance of the Electoral Roll in tracing, Tracesmart's Managing Director, Michael Trezise noted, "Tracesmart's main priority is customer satisfaction and that means we have to acquire and provide the highest quality of data. This provides our customers with the confidence that the results they obtain are current and correct. My roots are in tracing and I appreciate the provision of accurate data is key - this is the reason why we want to be the first to offer the new records."

Notes to Editors

  • Tracesmart Limited - Since the launch of its website in 2004 Tracesmart Limited has established itself as one of the UK's leading providers of online people tracing tools. combines state of the art search technology with an extensive collection of consumer data, providing one of the most powerful and successful systems to trace people.
  • Uploaded Records - An initial 5 million edited 2009 Electoral Roll records have been uploaded. Millions of additional edited Electoral Roll records are due to be added on a weekly basis with full coverage envisaged by the end of January 2009. Paul Weathersby - Tracesmart's Technical Director, Weathersby is the driving force behind the development and production of Tracesmart's suite of web-based services, and manages and directs their experienced IT team.
  • Michael Trezise - is the founder and Managing Director of Tracesmart. With over 25 years tracing experience his unrivalled knowledge provides the company with a distinct competitive advantage.

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