‘Bad times’ drive thousands to free new ‘game’

Released on: January 12, 2009, 4:45 am

Press Release Author: Professor Don Abrams

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: This phenomenal financial game was invented by the author of an international best-seller.

New York, N.Y. - January 10, 2009 - A top-ten best-selling author of John Wiley & Sons, New York is raving mad ... giving away his new book.

Not only is he making a gift of the sequel to his best-selling book... now he includes a ‘Live’ stock market game.

“Why should the billionaires have all the fun?”, says Professor Don Abrams, best-selling author of The Profit-Taker.

“Don’t lose your investing skills during these bad times”, says Professor Smarba, “Hone them!”.

Press Release Body: He invented it to reveal the finer secrets of his proven, rapid, money-maker in both good and bad markets.

And it’s free...Zip. Zero. Zilch. No registration. No required email. No 'funny' paper money. No catches.


The new free sequel reveals a proven strategy to grow rich - especially for late starters. It is a blueprint that awakens the self-actualizing quest to live long.

Thousands are already playing the game. Modestly named ‘The Greatest Game on Earth’.

It’s an adventure, not based on guessing - but on newly-gained knowledge.

All this on www.profittaker.info.

Is your current investing on a grand, small or academic scale? Doesn't matter.

Is it fun? If not, the author says you're doing something wrong.

The solution? Discover it here. Now you can control your own destiny...be your own person.

‘The Greatest Game on Earth" allows people the world over the opportunity to relish the ingenuity and pure fun of the Profit-Taker Concept.

The game provides 'live' examples for the free book ‘The Profit-Taker Equalizer for the Underdog’.

The game is aimed at investment professionals as well as beginners.

Unlike the 'usual game’, it is the actual chosen common stock which decides your next move. No rolling of the dice. No dealing of the cards. No spinning of a wheel.

It’s the actual 'game' action that opens up possibilities. Opportunities!

Let the good times roll on www.profittaker.info.

Web Site: http://www.profittaker.info

Contact Details: 213 Lemay Street
Cornwall, Ontario
K6H 3C2



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