Jobs in UK becoming more transient


Released on: February 12, 2009, 6:57 am
Author: Tip Top Job
Industry: Human Resources

Jobs for life are virtually non-existent in today's labour market, with the current average lifespan of jobs in the UK being on average just three years, and even as short as 18 months for graduates.

While the majority of workers regularly change their jobs, this is not the case for people who live in Scotland , as a high percentage of workers only have one job throughout their lifetime, a recent survey by online job search specialists Tip Top Job has discovered.

The survey polled over 1,000 people to find out who the biggest job-hopping culprits are. While Scots are the most stable, those in the South West have the most jobs in the UK throughout their working life, with the majority of them holding over eight different positions.

Who has had the greatest number jobs in the UK ?
The Welsh are the next region with jam-packed CVs - 23% of Welsh workers have had eight or more jobs, compared to a relatively low percentage in the North West and North East, where workers tend to have just two or three jobs in their working lives.

Corinne Dauncey, Careers Expert from, said: "While staying in one job for your entire life might seem unrealistic, it appears that there are people out there who are content doing the same job, which says a lot about the companies they work for.

"However, if you feel that you have got as much as you can out of a job, then looking for a new one might be a good option as long as you don't do this too frequently. Moving jobs every few months will put potential employees off as they will question your loyalty and the credibility of your CV."

As jobs in the UK become more fluid and less stable, job search services play an ever more important role. Careers are more flexible than they have ever been before, and job seekers have to be aware of this if they are to make the most of their working lives.


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