Tracesmart Asks Customers To Share Their Successful People Search Stories

Released on: February 18, 2009, 5:17 am
Author: Tracesmart
Industry: Internet & Online

Tracesmart have launched their new 'Success Stories' campaign which appeals to users of their tracing services to provide the company with tales of successful reunions. The stories will be published on Tracesmart for visitors to read and be inspired by - it is hoped that by reading other people's experiences, those looking to find relatives or friends will be encouraged to conduct the search. Individuals whose stories are selected to appear on the site will be provided with a prize for allowing Tracesmart to publish their story.

Success Stories is the second Tracesmart campaign which aims to raise awareness of how simple it can be to locate lost friends and relatives. Last month, Tracesmart concluded their 'Missing Person' campaign, which ran for a year and climaxed with a reunion between two sisters after more than 40 years apart. However, whilst the two campaigns share common objectives, they utilise different means to achieve their goals; the Missing Person campaign saw Tracesmart researchers locate missing loved ones; the Success Stories campaign will be driven by successful reunions supplied by members of the general public, who used Tracesmart people search tools to trace their lost loved one. Louise Hewlett, Communications Executive at Tracesmart, explained how the campaign will work,

"When people log on to the Tracesmart website they have access to an abundance of useful information such as current and historic Electoral Roll records, and birth, death and marriage indexes, which, coupled with our intuitive tracing tools such as the address search, allow users to find relatives and friends quickly and simply.

By publishing reunion stories which were facilitated by Tracesmart, but ultimately achieved by a Tracesmart user, we will highlight how easy it can be to locate someone you have lost contact with."

Tracesmart have a lot of confidence in Success Stories, due to the success of the Missing Persons campaign. As well as being received well by the general public, the media also embraced the idea. In addition to being featured in a variety of newspapers up and down the country, reunions that were made possible by the campaign also featured on the BBC's 'Missing Live' programme and ITV's 'Alan Titchmarsh Show'. Owen Roberts, Communications Manager, commented on how this historic success bodes well for the Success Stories campaign,

"The Missing Person campaign really struck a chord with both the general public and media alike; this helped us considerably in our mission to raise awareness of how easy it is to trace a missing loved one.

I believe that the Success Stories campaign will be even more popular, as it will highlight how simple it is for real people to locate lost loved ones themselves."

    About Tracesmart
  • Owen Roberts has worked in the creative, advertising and communications industries for over 25 years and is the voice of Tracesmart. Heading up the communications team, he raises the public awareness of the company through various media driven PR campaigns.
  • Louise Hewlett is the driving force behind Tracesmart's Success Story campaign and has been working in the field of tracing and communications for 3 years. Louise has previously appeared on BBC 1's Missing Live programme to discuss tracing and successful reunions.
  • Tracesmart Limited - Since the launch of its website in 2004, Tracesmart Limited has established itself as one of the UK's leading providers of online people tracing tools. combines state of the art search technology with an extensive collection of consumer data, providing one of the most powerful and successful systems to trace people
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