Virtual Memorial Site Eases Pain of Grieving


Released on: February 02, 2009, 11:18 am

Press Release Author: Gabriella Sannino, Level 343

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: is an Internet site that allows you to create a biography and online memorial for your loved one.

Press Release Body: You can set up a virtual memorial with biographical information, anecdotes, stories, photos, and video clips of your loved one. Friends and family members can share in the building of a virtual memorial by adding their sentiments and memories just by visiting.

Setting up a virtual memorial is simple at Things Never Said: choose the level of membership which suits you best and fill in the information. Membership is inexpensive and gives you the option of a virtual memorial which can be visited for one year, five years, or forever. Visitors to the virtual memorial can leave their comments and memories, send encouraging notes, or send small virtual gifts and leave thoughtful notes.

Things Never Said not only handles the virtual aspects of your loved one’s memorial. Much research has gone into their extensive listings of florists, funeral homes, cemeteries, and other related businesses. These listings have been included to aid you and your loved ones in sending tangible memorial-related items to friends and family members, wherever they may live.

In addition, the creators of the Things Never Said website believe that sharing your memories and voicing expressions you never got a chance to say will help you through the journey of loss and bereavement. To that end, they’ve gone to the trouble of supplying a detailed list of grief counselors, websites, and resources to help those who have suffered the loss of a spouse, child, sibling, parent, or friend.

Their index of support groups include those related to specific diseases and causes of death so you are sure to find someone who can sympathetically relate to how you are feeling. Those who have been through similar circumstances are best able to offer their insight into how they’ve coped with and recovered from their losses.

Articles and blogs about grief, the grieving process, self-help, and recovery contribute to the comforting environment of the Things Never Said site. Each page is clearly titled, readily understood, and easy to navigate.

A great amount of time and effort has also been devoted to finding reputable charitable groups to whom you may wish to make a donation in the memory of your loved one. Many who lose a loved one in the military like to remember them by leaving a donation to their particular branch of service. Those who’ve lost someone to a specific disease often make a donation toward finding a cure.

In addition to personal and individual memorials, Things Never Said plans to create memorials for world tragedies, allowing all who have been affected by such events to leave comments, and virtual gifts to help individuals, families, communities, and the world.

Visit and help speed the healing process by building a virtual memorial.

About was founded on the belief that expressing the sentiments you never had the opportunity to say to your loved one during life will get you on the road to recovery after their passing. The compassion of the site creators comes through in each page, offering the grieving a place to find comfort, support, and help. In building their site, they have striven to include resources and information to help the bereaved through the grieving process.

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