Renowned SEO Consultant Reinvents Directory Marketing

Released on: March 2, 2009, 6:39 am
Author: IrishWonder's SEO Consulting
Industry: Internet & Online

March 2, 2009 – IrishWonder, a reputable search engine optimization and online marketing consultant, has launched a breakthrough infomercial product titled “Directory Marketing Reborn”. The product is an ebook teaching about the reworked approach to promoting sites through web directories.

Directory marketing has been one of the oldest online marketing methods and many believe that it has lost its effectiveness today. However, IrishWonder offers a new approach that is intended to get the desired results out of a directory marketing campaign. This approach is taught by the author through carefully explaining all the steps of the process.

“Directory marketing has been disregarded too early and my ebook is going to prove it”, says IrishWonder. “My method is universal and can work for any website in any market niche. It is a technique that stands behind the very principles of the Internet and thus will never become obsolete.”

Besides the step-by-step method description, the ebook contains the reviews of different industry standard software tools that can be used in conjunction with it and a special bonus – the biggest up-to-date list of web directories sorted by their pagerank. IrishWonder stresses the importance of this list, saying, “Directory lists, however big, are not a rare thing in the SEO industry – but mot of the existing lists are long outdated. On the contrary, the list I provide with my ebook is the list I normally work with myself – all directories have been verified as live and active and the data on their respective pageranks is fresh. I also intend to maintain this ebook and the list and update it after every Google PR update. Those purchasing ‘Directory Marketing Reborn’ are entitled to free lifetime updates.”

Irish Wonder has been working in search engine optimization since 2000. In 2006, he has started his independent consulting business. Experienced in both whitehat and blackhat SEO techniques, he provides services ranging from online market research and online promotion strategy development to site bans investigation and SEO security consulting.

Irish Wonder can be reached via his consulting site, The ‘Directory Marketing Reborn’ ebook is available through

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