Barclaycard report kids spend less on their mums as times get tough


Released on: April 28, 2009, 5:08 am
Author: Andrew Bond
Industry: Financial

Barclaycard has revealed that spending on Mother's Day gifts was down in 2009 when compared to the year previous.

The data from Barclaycard Payment Acceptance, which enables retailers to accept payments from both debit and credit card, confirms that families across Britain are opting for less expensive gifts for Mother's Day in the current economic climate.

Spend on flowers was down 15 per cent in the two weeks leading up to Mother's Day this year compared to the same period last year while spending on chocolates was up 23 per cent compared to last year, suggesting that people are managing the expense of special occasions by purchasing more economic gifts rather than expensive floral presents.

Restaurants and jewellery shops were the least affected with spending almost identical to last year. Treating mum to lunch remains a popular gift, with spending in restaurants up slightly (0.3 per cent) compared to last year. Jewellers saw a very small increase in spending in the two weeks leading up to Mother's Day, with sales up 0.1 per cent compared to the same period in 2008.

Commenting on the data, Stewart Roberts, Business Development Director at Barclaycard said: "People don't want to let special occasions pass them by without buying a present of some sort but what we are seeing is that children are opting for a less expensive gift rather than the more extravagant floral arrangements in these tough times."


Notes to editors
These figures are taken from Barclaycard Payment Acceptance data from March 2008 and March 2009. The figures relate to spending on certain products and services usually associated with Mother's Day: The year-on-year comparison figures relate to spending in the two weeks prior to Mother's Day 2009 and the corresponding period in 2008. The restaurant comparison covers Mother's Day 2009 spending compared with 2008.

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