Displaysense introduce revamped returns policy


Released on: April 20, 2009, 3:31 am
Author: Steve Whittle
Industry: Consumer-Services

Displaysense, the Bishops Stortford-based retail display company, is offering more to their customers with a revamped returns policy and delivery charges.

Displaysense, one of the UK and Irelands leading suppliers of display systems and clothes rails, has announced that it recently tested a new returns policy which ran throughout March and over an especially eventful St Patricks day period.

The company which already provided a 14 day money back guarantee for all of its home customers, has now put in place this same returns policy across the board to cover all of its business customers in a bid to provide a straightforward and easy to understand returns policy that is fair to everyone.

Throughout March, Displaysense experienced some unusual returns from their customers that truly tested its new returns policy, including a female display bust returned smelling of alcohol and a display cabinet and literature holders that had been smashed by a would be criminal.

Steve Whittle the marketing manager at Displaysense commented: "Events surrounding the St Patricks day period really tested our returns policy but customers and staff can now see clearer than ever where to draw the line and when to be lenient. The case with the customer from Ireland returning the bust smelling of alcohol clearly breached our terms and conditions, but as it was such an unusual return, it is definitely going to be remembered."

Although Displaysense has broadened its returns policy to cover business consumers, this was not enough for the retail display company, who also improved upon its delivery charges to provide low price flat rate charges that are easier to understand and also more attractive to both B2C and B2B customers alike which will be seen as a much needed change during these troubled times.

With a new site also launched at the start of March, it seems Displaysense has its sights set on big things this year as it continues to grow and evolve as a business. As for the customer return from Ireland, perhaps they should remember next St Patricks day to refrain from using their hard earned money on alcohol filled busty girls, especially the fake ones.

About Displaysense
Displaysense was established in September of 1978 as a manufacturer of quality point of sale displays. Displaysense has a wealth of experience in design and manufacturing and has been able to develop an ever growing standard range of over 1600 displays. The range is now extremely diverse including acrylic containers, display cabinets, mannequins, modular shelving units, exhibition displays and business card holders.

Displaysense works with a large range of clients including, retailers (multiple and independent), blue chip corporate clients, cafés, bars, restaurants and night clubs, shop and office fitters, marketing and promotions companies, designers and architects, product distributors, exhibition contractors and exhibitors, printers, councils and NHS trusts, charities, schools and universities.


For further information please contact:
Steve Whittle
Marketing Manager
Rye Street
Bishop's Stortford
CM23 2HG
0845 200 8139



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