Lynx Welcomes Lori Spale and Alex Tschudy, Intuit MRI Specialist


Released on: April 30, 2009, 5:18 am
Author: Lynx Systems Inc.
Industry: Real Estate

Lynx Systems is pleased to announce that we have added two senior Intuit MRI specialists to the Lynx team. Lori Spale and Alex Tschudy are very talented, knowledgeable, professional and personable and a valuable addition to our Professional Services Group.

Lori Spale and Alexander Tschudy come highly recommended by clients and co-workers and we know that our clients will enjoy working with them. Lori Spale joins us after nine years with MRI and Intuit as an implementer and “gold level” hotline support representative specializing in the Commercial applications of MRI.

Another key addition to our team is Alexandra Tschudy. Alex has worked with the Intuit MRI product for over eight years. For the past several years, she was a Client Manager for Intuit Real Estate Solutions and has worked with over 250 MRI clients to address their concerns on system, implementation and support issues.

Although Alex and Lori will be working with our current clients, they will also be assisting us to launch several new Lynx products that will complement any existing Intuit MRI or Yardi System. We have developed three new products:

EasyMerge - "click-retrieve" - connects the Microsoft Word Mail Merge process with Intuit MRI, ideal for blocks of text such as leases and letters.

Central Address Book - provides easy access to your portfolio and contacts; tracks relationships, activities, & documents; interfaces to MRI modules, & Microsoft Outlook calendar, e-mail, & tasks.

Corporate Information Treasure – stores & interrelates the many types of corporate information that must be maintained such as: treasury, legal, controllership, finance, accounting and insurance. Allows you to create schemas to store all your information.

These applications have been developed on the Microsoft .Net platform and are fully integrated to the Intuit MRI system. These products are designed to improve productivity and minimize some of the disruption and cost of upgrading to the .Net version of the MRI system. Please contact us to learn more.

The team at Lynx Systems is pleased to advise its many clients in Canada, the United States and Bermuda that we are expanding our extensive range of consulting and support services for the Intuit MRI user. Our company is a specialist in supporting the Intuit MRI software and for more than eight years, was either an implementation partner or a distributor for the MRI system. In fact, the consultants at Lynx have been supporting the MRI system since 1994, and we continue to offer to the MRI user a full range of consulting services including system selection, hotline support, toolkit customization, report development, technical support, application training, data conversion, process enhancement, project management, system assessment, implementation support and out-sourced IT management.

As a firm of professional accountants, software specialists and business professionals, and, in our role as an independent consultant, we are able to provide our clients with unbiased advice about their software requirements - whether that means upgrading to a new version, tweaking the old system or looking at other software providers. In addition, we can identify various alternatives available for consideration including both short and long term options, as well as give feedback on the general costs, and pros and cons of the various alternatives.

Contact Details: Don Robinson
Lynx Systems Inc.
1-866-517-1088 Ext 263


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