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Released on: April 21, 2009, 5:07 am
Author: Prudential
Industry: Financial

Prudential UK has transformed its consumer website, into a retirement income resource hub, segmenting it to cater for the needs of consumers at different stages of pre-retirement and retirement. By enriching the content of the site and making it more user-friendly, Prudential has made a big step in transforming into the number one destination site for retirement planning.

The updated website has been enhanced to offer a 'retirement needs led journey' for consumers as well as a product led one - this is a first for Prudential. The new website will contain a bespoke hub for Prudential's many existing customers, allowing them to research their retirement needs, contact Prudential directly with any queries they may have regarding their retirement plans or to speak to their Financial Adviser.

The site was developed using the latest usability and eye tracking technology, and customers had direct input into the design of the site.

Steven Zuanella, Head of Online & Ecommerce, Prudential said; "Putting the customer at the heart of our development process was central to the success of this initiative. The new site is the result of rigorous development that involved customers at every step of the journey. The site is an invaluable resource for our customers no matter what kind of retirement information they're looking for. "

The re-launch also marks the beginning of an exciting journey for, as the new website has been built to accommodate future innovations, including social media, targeted content and user friendly tools and calculators.

To further assist visitor, the website features the Retirement Calculator, an online service which was recently awarded the Financial Services Award at the 2009 Revolution Innovation Awards. The Retirement Calculator has been specially designed to help find out how much income a customer's current arrangements might give them in retirement; it factors in current pensions, property, savings and investments. The Calculator will also show customers how they might be able to boost their retirement income, if there is a gap between what they may have and what they may need.

The re-launch of marks a major step forward in a retirement online journey and provides Prudential with a platform on which to build richer, deeper and more evolved customer relationships.

The information contained in Prudential UK's press releases is intended solely for journalists and should not be used by consumers to make financial decisions. Full consumer product information can be found at

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