Drug Rehab And Alcohol Rehab Admissions By Intervention Increased 38% Year Over Year At Connecticut Treatment Facility Mountainside Drug Rehab


Released on: May 15, 2009, 5:10 am
Author: Drug Rehab Mountainside
Industry: Healthcare

The number of drug rehab admissions that have resulted from professional interventions has increased thirty eight percent on a year over year basis at Mountainside Drug Rehab from 2008 to 2009 respectively. Seventy three percent of these interventions came from more than 500 miles away from the Canaan Connecticut drug rehab facility, with the remaining twenty seven percent occurred within 500 miles.

This evidence is part of a national trend and is representative of how a growing number of people continue to go against the conventional wisdom of many drug rehabs and alcohol rehabs – that have long stated that an addict first needs to hit bottom before they will enter treatment. Professional intervention is the process of presenting reality to such individuals in a receivable way. It usually involves the participation of family and or loved ones, and is an invitation to the suffering addict or alcoholic to accept help. It is believed that interventions have a much higher success rate when done under the guidance and supervision of a professional Intervention Specialist and with the help of other people close to the individual needing the intervention.

It has been the experience of Mountainside Drug Rehab that a stumbling block for many alcoholics and drug addicts is the level of denial that prevents them from acknowledging that a problem beyond their control exists. Largely, and in a relatively recent period of time - before interventionists were practicing in the large numbers they currently practice - conventional wisdom of the drug rehab and alcohol rehab community stated that the only way a person could enter treatment is for they themselves to realize their situation, take action and seek help.

Commonly, active drug addicts and alcoholics are resistant to any approach that is made by family, friends and employers. Mountainside Drug Rehab has been working with numbers of professional interventionists across the country and continues to see the numbers of these practitioners increase. Mountainside Drug Rehab is advocating that a nationally recognized licensure be established to ensure that will ensure quality and professionalism in all said practitioners.

If you are in need of a professional intervention and treatment for you or your loved one please contact us at: 800-762-5433 or visit Mountainside on the web at: http://www.mountainside.org/drug-rehab

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