Alcohol Rehab Center Offers A Road To Recovery For Alcoholics


Released on: June 17, 2009, 9:03 am
Industry: Healthcare

Alcohol is a powerful drug that becomes an addiction for many. Alcoholics often don't realize the damage the drug does to their bodies. This damage does not stop at the patient's own health, but the well being and emotions of their loved ones. Many addicts feel they can stop on their own, however addictions generally takes a hold of an addict's brain causing them to make decision they would not have before becoming addicted to alcohol.

Ultimately, organizing an intervention with an alcoholic may not be the happiest moment in your life. However, reaching out to a loved one and offering them help from a reputable and professional alcohol rehabilitation place such as Cliffside Malibu is the first step to recovery. Cliffside Malibu is a luxury beach front rehab center providing a calm and relaxing ambiance guiding addicts to recovery.

While admitted to Cliffside Malibu, luxury bedding options such as comfortable down comforters and pillows are available as well as a turn down service. Other activities available include yoga, acupuncture, massage and hiking with gourmet food as well. All of these things are positive things for addicts to busy themselves with, while working with the professional staff through a series of counseling and therapy sessions. These sessions will work on changing one's thoughts toward alcohol and provide advice on how to live sober. Additional family counseling and therapy amenities are provided as well (as needed).

The large staff of professionals (doctors, counselors, and therapists) all combines to create a successful cycle of recovered addicts. Cliffside Malibu is dedicated to the healing of all patients that come through their doors. However, they understand that this recovery process begins with the desire of sobriety from the addict themselves.

By providing alcoholics with a chance of a better life, Cliffside Malibu remains one of the most successful alcohol rehab centers in the nation. After recovery is achieved, patients can choose to stay in an extended care program, in which they are observed and guided through the early stages of sober living.

Ultimately, drug rehab centers like Cliffside Malibu provide a new life to patients/addicts who seek help in becoming well. With continued dedication and motivation from staff, patients are given the best chance at success possible from an alcohol rehab center.

For more information on alcohol rehab or alcohol rehabilitation options, visit or Their alcohol rehab center provides a means for recovery for any addict.

About Cliffside Malibu: Cliffside Malibu is an alcohol addiction treatment center as well as offering other drug rehab and alcohol rehab facilities. Located on the sunny shore of California and on a beach front location, Cliffside offers help for drug, alcohol and other addicts whether gambling, porn or eating disorders. By helping countless patients, their staff has generated a continuous cycle of success stories within the facility for alcohol rehabilitation.

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