Be Found Marketing addresses Growing Need for Limousine Search Engine Advertising and SEO


Released on: June 8, 2009, 5:27 am
Author: Andre Welkinson
Industry: Advertising

Be Found Marketing, a marketing firm specializing in organic website optimization, has launched a specialized marketing and SEO service for limousine companies. The service provides market-exclusive search engine and local map optimization for limousine rental companies seeking to dominate local search results.

"Limousine operators rely more on search marketing to acquire new customers than most other businesses," says Steve Williamson, spokesman for Be Found Marketing. "By focusing on SEO for limousine companies, we provide a unique market advantage for our clients."

Studies into local business marketing trends reveal that over half of all searches for local businesses are initiated in search engines. An estimated 95 percent of Google users never click past the first page of results, and over 70 percent of them rely on organic rather than paid search results. Higher organic search rankings prove to be cheaper and more effective than any other form of advertising for local businesses online.

The growing importance of search rankings underscores the need for limousine operators to market creatively and aggressively. Limousine companies don’t benefit from a brick and mortar presence like many local businesses – they rely on search marketing and directories as a result. With the significant decline of Yellow Page directory usage and the explosive growth of local business search online, limousine companies are faced with new challenges. "General marketing techniques are not enough to succeed in the highly competitive local limousine industry," says Williamson. "Our exclusive clients benefit from our understanding of local markets and our specialized limousine marketing techniques."

For information about available markets, pricing and a free consultation, visit or call 888-287-7370.

About Be Found Marketing: Be Found Marketing is an internet marketing firm specializing in organic search optimization, paid search optimization, map optimization and online tracking. The firm provides innovative and cost-effective marketing solutions for limousine companies seeking to generate higher search rankings and return on investment.

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