Lighterlife Survey Reveals Size Really Does Matter


Released on: July 31, 2009, 5:37 am
Author: Heather Howell
Industry: Healthcare

According to a recent survey by weight loss specialist LighterLife, 62% of overweight women prefer to be under the covers before their partner comes to bed whilst 46% of overweight men would rather avoid sex all together.

Whilst the overweight and obese women surveyed made sure their bodies were firmly out of sight by having sex with the light off (32%), getting undressed before their partner comes to bed (42%) or keeping the bedcovers or nightclothes firmly on (43%), the men preferred to avoid hopping into the sack all together.

The figures emerged in a study of the bedroom habits of 3,000 Brits, which also revealed that more than one in ten obese people haven't had sex for a year because they are so worried about being seen naked and 8% of obese people claimed they couldn't remember the last time they had sex. A massive 98% of size 16+ women stated they felt unattractive, and while 68% of obese people said they have never felt sexy, just 12% of those with a normal BMI said the same.

When it comes to frolicking in the bedroom more than one in five said the lack of bedroom activity was because they couldn't bear the thought of someone seeing them naked compared with just three per cent of those who have a normal BMI.

Mandy Cassidy psychotherapist and consultant for LighterLife, said: "The study shows that being obese affects the mind as well as the body, and reveals the problems faced by so many people.

"For growing numbers of people, it's a vicious circle - many use food as a substitute for love, and as the pounds pile on, their relationship switches from their partners, to food.

"They need to learn how to break the cycle - and clearly, for those who do, the sauce will not be in the kitchen, but in the bedroom."

About LighterLife
LighterLife is a weight loss and weight-management programme for people who are one stone or more overweight and with a bmi of 25 or above. Over 150,000 people have successfully lost weight with LighterLife since 1996.

The unique LighterLife approach offers programmes specific to the obese and the overweight in the form of weight loss diets, nutritionally complete soups, shakes and bars combined with specialised counselling using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and transactional analysis (TA) techniques. Clients not only safely lose weight fast but also benefit by learning the behavioural changes needed to sustain it.

Founded in 1996, the LighterLife Programme was developed by three of its directors - Jackie Cox, Bar Hewlett and Rebecca Hunter.

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