Acurest™ First Non-Invasive, Drug-Free, Predictable Solution For Snoring And Sleep-Related Problems

Released on: August 31, 2009, 4:32 am
Author: Acurest / Eula Mae
Industry: Healthcare

"Acurest™ finger wraps provide the first non-invasive, drug-free, predictable solution for snoring and Sleep-Related Problems", says Dr. Gerald Smith, CEO of the International Center for Nutritional Research and author of several books including Headaches Aren't Forever and Alternative Treatments For Conquering Chronic Pain.

The inventor of the Acurest™ Anti-Snoring Device is Eula Mae Pollard - a reflex therapist from Mississippi, United State. Ms. Pollard discovered, in April 2006, that continuous massage to the first joints of the thumbs and index fingers could prevent snoring and other sleep related problems.

This discovery came after twenty-four years of study and the utilization of a simple therapy that helped her and others recover from disabling injuries.

In 1980, Eula Mae Pollard suffered a severe whiplash injury which gave rise to a rare arthritis of the spine and fibromyalgia, Told by a rheumatologist that she would have to take medication for the rest of her life, she worried that this would be no cure for the underlying cause of her condition and decided to research alternative options.

One day as she sat crying, her son handed her a book on reflex therapy, that her grandmother had left her. He said "Here, Mother, read this, it will help you". She had glanced through this book before and thought it sounded to good to be true, but her son’s words, "It will help you", touched her deeply.

Eula Mae propped the book up on a pillow as she was unable to hold it up, and could only read two or three chapters at a time because her severe pain and stiffness seemed to distort her concentration and her ability to comprehend. As she was reading she decided out of desperation to prove or disprove whether reflex therapy could relieve pain. In one of the chapters she learned how to stop throat pain, and it so happened that one week later she woke up with a severe sore throat.

Eula Mae considered the sore throat a great opportunity to test reflex therapy. She massaged her right hand as directed in the book, and the pain on the right side of her throat disappeared. She repeated the massage on my left hand, and got the same pain relief on the left side of her throat. In five minutes her throat was completely pain-free.

Eula Mae felt as if God had shown her this, and she thanked him for it immediately.

Her throat pain returned in two hours, so she repeated the therapy every two hours that day, and had less pain every time it returned. The next morning she was pain free.

This proof gave her new hope in finding a solution for her overall body pain and stiffness. She continued to study the book, and continued to massage her hands and fingers in a certain way. Her pain and stiffness began to diminish as days went by. She found that she couldn't miss a once-daily treatment, and soon regained her health in every respect and started to give reflex treatments to family and friends.

Eula Mae had a burning desire to share this therapy with others. This desire led her into a vocation for a number of years that provided comprehensive care to patients. With that experience she decided to open an eight bed and bath personal-care home, which she owned and operated for twelve years. She used reflex therapy on a daily basis with the residents, and taught them to do their own therapy.

By 1996 Eula Mae had achieved such positive results with reflex therapy that she decided to close her personal-care home and open a reflex therapy clinic. When she opened her clinic, she asked God to send her only those that he would have her see. Strangely, almost every person regardless of age, sex, or race that came to her complained of digestive problems, sensitivity to sunlight, and poor sleep quality. Remembering her prayer, when she opened her clinic, she felt that God meant for her to find a way to help these specific conditions. From 1996 – 2006, Eula Mae searched for answers. She researched and utilized many alternative therapies, and studied digestive problems, nutrition, and immune system function, sleep disorders, stress related illness, and sensory responses of the fingers and hands.

In December 2006, after a ten year search, an answer came to Eula Mae. She discovered that the therapy that had saved her life before would now change many lives, by preventing snoring and other sleep-related problems. She simply realized that the fingers and hands held the key, just as they had for her, years ago. All she had to do was apply a soft reflex pad on top of each first joint of the thumbs and index fingers.

This is what eventualluy gave birth to Acurest™ (Snoring Remedy), a solution to the age-old problem of snoring.

In 2008: With the help of various manufacturers she perfected the devices so that one size would fit all, and used only the highest quality medical-grade, hypo-allergenic material.

She named the finger wraps Acurest™, because they prevent Snoring and other sleep-related problems. Acurest™ allows one to get accurate rest, when they sleep.

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