Bigmouthmedia Welcomes Google's 'Game-Changing' Adsense Announcement

Released on: August 27, 2009, 7:26 am
Author: Iain Bruce
Industry: Internet & Online

Bigmouthmedia has responded to Google's decision to open up its Adsense system to third party networks by stating that if successful, the move will change the shape of the online display advertising industry forever.

Under the terms of the policy change, advertising networks that have traditionally focused activity on big brand sites will now have access to Google's extensive network of blogs, forums and websites. Opening up a potential new revenue stream for thousands of site operators worldwide, the move underlines the search giant's determination to extend its reach beyond text advertising and into the world of display.

"This is an event that should make all intelligent publishers and advertisers think hard about their activities. Google is clearly determined to make a serious impact upon the display sector and if this move works, their dominance over online advertising will be extended," said Lyndsay Menzies, Chief Operations Officer at bigmouthmedia.

"Traditional ad buyers will face a new world if Google manage to make this work. They’ll be looking at an environment where site owners can block entire networks if they don’t perform or can block specific advertisers. Display will be less about big deals and negotiating with decision makers and will become much more like search marketing in terms of its scientific and performance led nature."

Welcoming Google’s insistence that only networks that meet their privacy, speed and quality guidelines will be included in the expanded AdSense, bigmouthmedia believes that the move will require significant changes to the thought process behind a display campaign. Micro-management will become more important as individual publishers are given the opportunity to opt out of entire ad networks or ban ads from certain sites.

Europe's largest independent digital marketing agency also notes that the move will be seen as bad news not only for the third-party networks which Google will not qualify, but also for any third-party bid management platform that fails to integrate with the extended system.

"This is a very interesting move which will work if the thousands of AdSense publishers out there support the move. If there’s enough demand from the AdSense publisher community then ad networks will certainly not want to pass on the opportunity,” said Andrew Girdwood, Bigmouthmedia's Head of Search.

"If Google get enough extra volume of image ads through this then, as a publisher, why wouldn’t you simply install the AdSense code and let everyone engage in a bidding war to display on your site? There'll be no need to pay third parties to strike deals with you, and that will mean a significant increase in revenues for existing advertising platforms."

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