Natural Hair Care for Pregnancy and Beyond


Released on: August 26, 2009, 4:16 am
Author: Louise Galvin
Industry: Healthcare

Introducing the new ‘Mother To Be’ range, by Celebrity colourist Louise Galvin.

Fantastic news for all those new mothers or mothers to be: Louise Galvin celebrity colourist has created a complete natural hair care range dedicated to women, pre, during and post pregnancy. This range is said to have “…the most natural and environmentally friendly hair products on the market...” (Plum Sykes, novelist and contributing editor, Vogue Magazine). As well as offsetting any carbon emissions caused via manufacturing by investing in the Carbon Neutral Company, the range is totally natural. Using solely natural or naturally-derived ingredients like essential oils, natural extracts and vegetable-derived moisturising and conditioning ingredients, there isn’t a sign of any harmful sulphates, parabens, silicone, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and polymers in the new mother to be haircare line.

The new ‘Mother To Be’ range was inspired by Louise Galvin’s own recent pregnancy. While pregnant, Louise found she needed help in retaining her hair’s shine and vitality and assistance in creating volume and root lift. During pregnancy, women can be a lot more sensitive to smells than they usually are, consequently the citrus aromatherapy oils frequently used in Louise Galvin’s other products and ranges can be overpowering in the early days of pregnancy. Louise set about creating a hair care range that was both fragrance-free and extremely enriching, giving pregnant women an extra helping hand. The result is ‘Mother To Be’.

What’s more, Louise like other women during their pregnancies became extra conscious about safety: skin is our largest organ and anything we put on it (from body wash to shampoo) is absorbed into the bloodstream and can find its way to the growing foetus through the placenta. After pregnancy, these same chemicals are retained within the body, in particular in breast milk. Many popular cosmetics are made with harmful or damaging chemicals, unfortunately these chemicals been linked to birth defects and health problems. Nevertheless, pregnant women or those that are nursing a new born can rest reassured that all ‘Mother to Be’ and Sacred Locks products are free from any harmful or nasty chemicals.

Within these products there is a much needed dose of pre-biotic formulation, essential and luxury oils called Ximenia Oil, also known as Seaside Plum. This rich oil works like a natural silicone to smooth the cuticle and add moisture without weighing the hair down or causing a foreseeable build up. This particular luxury ingredient derived from the African Savannah, it has for centuries been employed by pregnant women to restore a natural gloss. All ingredients are steered towards helping the body retaining calcium and promote a health scalp and luscious hair.

Furthermore, this special Sacred Locks range donates 50 pence from each product sold to child health charity ‘Best Beginnings’. As a patron of Best Beginnings, Louise Galvin works endlessly to give the gift of a healthier start to all the children in the UK. Louise’s support helps ensure the charity reaches the 300,000 women a year, across the UK who are not receiving the vital support or information they need.

Louise Galvin has pledged to personally help raise vital funds for the charity. So check out her new ‘mother to be’ eco-friendly, Sacred Locks range online visit: and give a little back.

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