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Released on: September 30, 2009, 7:44 am
Author: Hillary R.
Industry: Healthcare

GlassesUSA offers customers generous discount on prescription glasses during sale.

New Jersey September 30, 2009 - GlassesUSA is keeping prescription eyeglasses affordable. Staying in line with their philosophy of ensuring eyeglasses are an affordable necessity and not an expensive luxury, GlassesUSA recently launched a new marketing campaign for their customers. The newest campaign is aimed at selling a selected portion of their most popular, fashionable eyeglass frames at a discount to their customers.

Unlike many retailers who keep their sales under wraps and hidden in the dark corners of their websites with special landing pages in hopes that customers will not use the discount, GlassesUSA launched their "Autumn Sale 2009" campaign first via email to customers who signed up for their seasonal newsletter. After the successful email campaign was launched, GlassesUSA launched the promotion on their website - inviting customers to take 10% off any of the selected eyeglasses.

The final steps in the promotional campaign launch was reaching out to bloggers and affiliates in order to get the word out about the 10% discount. The campaign was well-received among bloggers and those running coupon and discount sites.

GlassesUSA, a company that endured many changes recently including moving their shipping outfit to St. Joseph, Michigan, is an international cooperative group with offices in New Jersey as well as Tel Aviv, Israel. The company believes that vision care should be within arms reach and that high-quality eyeglasses should not cost a fortune. In conjunction with their business philosophy, GlassesUSA established efforts for their customers to not only recycle broken glasses but to donate old and used eyeglasses in order to ensure that those around the globe who cannot afford eyeglasses will receive them free of cost.

Since launching as a company, GlassesUSA transformed into an organization committed to philanthropy as well as consumer education. Their customers have a blog available to find the best ways to keep themselves informed on anything new in the vision world. GlassesUSA also reaches out to its customers with creative and innovative ways to save money - such as their Autumn Sale 2009.

Their newest sale allows customers to take 10% off their entire order when they select any of the 17 pairs available in the promotion. The eyeglass frames, chosen for their popularity and fall-style, are high-quality plastic or metal frames with a price that includes free basic lenses. Eyeglasses like "Harvard," "Twister," and "Playground" are geared towards those who like a unisex style. "Jodi," "Kim," and "Deb" are more feminine styles set in plastic frames with "Jodi" as the more subtle frame and "Kim" as the more decorated frame with rhinestones. The "Houston" frames are relatively flexible, rimless eyeglasses that are extremely popular on the site.

The "Autumn Sale 2009" campaign, launched at the beginning of September, will carry on through Thanksgiving. In addition to 10% off their final order, customers can also use this coupon along side the "Buy all three coatings and save $5" lens coatings campaign to save additional money on their eyeglasses.

Those interested in the "Autumn Sale 2009" campaign should visit: to view the collection and to view the coupon code attached to the sale.

For more information on the campaign, please contact GlassesUSA's customer service.

For more information on the campaign, please contact:
GlassesUSA's customer service.
Customer Service


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