Suspended Licenses Equal High Car Insurance Quotes


Released on: September 15, 2009, 5:30 am
Author: Kyle Fitzsimmons,
Industry: Automotive

Just because you made a few mistakes that resulted in your license getting suspended doesn’t mean you’re cursed to receive high car insurance quotes for the rest of your life. There are steps you can take so you can start fresh with a clean driving record and low auto insurance premiums.

According to an article recently published on, committing too many violations on the road could result in a suspended license. “As if it weren’t daunting enough to lose your key to open and unrestricted transportation, a suspended license may cause your auto insurance premium to skyrocket.”

Once your license is suspended you should really invest yourself in proving to your insurance company that you are taking your driving seriously. You can do this by taking a defensive driving course, paying all fees you owe to the DMV, and even applying for a temporary license.

The article states, “To get a temporary permit/license, the suspended-licensed driver will have to pay their state’s reinstatement fee, fulfill responsibility criteria and successfully complete a written test. To keep this privilege, the driver is not allowed to make even one more moving violation.”

Once you’ve taken these steps and are on your way to getting your license restored, it is imperative you take this clean start seriously. By proving to your insurance company that you are taking your driving seriously is also proving that you are now low-risk and thus will most likely start receiving lower auto insurance quotes.

So if you have a suspended license or are interested in learning more about managing life with a suspended license, you should visit There you will find a plethora of insurance agents willing to work with you and your situation, no matter what it is.

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