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Released on: October 8, 2009, 3:58 am
Author: Krissy Lim /
Industry: Retail

Several shops and stores create schemes to attract consumers into purchasing their products; you name it, from food to fashion. One of the best schemes that have gotten the attention of consumers for so many years has been coupons. Coupons used to be found in newspapers and interested shoppers used to cut them out and bring them to their desired store and buy their discounted items. Coupons gives consumers the best deal at the same time giving the stores good sales because of the amount of people coming due to the coupons.

Coupons are now brought into a whole new level. One does not need to search for newspaper coupon clippings and cut them out. Coupons can now be found through the internet—the online coupons. There is only one site of this caliber where one can get reputable brand name online coupons, and that is at

When coupons were only available at newspapers, there is no one you could ask or confirm if the coupons are actually worth their sale or discounts. Wrong information usually wastes time and energy. Several ads even commit false advertising. So how does help makes these common mistakes better?

At, everyone is involved. This is not only a place where you can obtain Online Coupons. This website also allows its members to comment on the online coupons available. Sharing of knowledge and information greatly helps other consumers on whether the coupon is a good sale or not, or if the quality or services are good, etc. is always updated. When a certain coupon reaches the expiry date, it is removed from the site. In this manner, consumers will not have a misconception that an online coupon is still valid for the item for sale or an available service.

The online coupons are called the coupon codes. Since coupons are found online rather than on a piece of paper, coupons are now inputted into codes. Coupon codes are easy to obtain as newspaper coupons. All you have to do is visit, and it will allow you to search for available coupons of almost every and nay item for sale, such as jewelries, toys, gardening materials, clothes, health, sporting goods, furniture, gadgets, etc. also lets their members contribute coupon codes which they have; besides the fact that they can chare comments on posted online coupons, they can also share the coupons itself. The site does not only help its member and other consumers, but the members also help other members. Joining is a sure win-win situation. Not only do you get coupons for discounts, you also get point of views or comments from other consumers and as well as receive shared online coupons.

There is more to submitting an online coupon, you benefit from them, too. With every online coupon or coupon code you share in the site, you will gain a 2 percent of revenue earned from the purchases by that online coupon. Not only did you contribute a coupon that will make a person’s day, but it will also make your day with each purchase made with the online coupon you contributed.

Krissy Lim is an active and satisfied member of She has also shared numerous Coupon codes to other members, which made her enjoy the 2% revenue earnings. With, there is nothing to lose.


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