Online Coupons: Coupon Clipping Has Gone Digital


Released on: October 27, 2009, 5:22 am
Industry: Internet & Online has made it possible for individuals to save on virtually every online purchase. By using a simple search feature shoppers can easily find the Coupon codes for particular items or stores that result in great savings. Most online merchants now offer discounts with a special promotion code.

October 27th, 2009 – is setting a new standard in how one shops online. With the trend toward online shopping growing it is no wonder that more and more Internet merchants are offering special promotions and discounts with the use of special codes. This is in keeping with what consumers have come to expect of all merchants; special offers make shopping a more enticing experience. The development of a digital form of coupons was inevitable. And just like brick and mortar shops that offer coupon shopping, the online merchants have to have a way of distributing the coupons. is the centralized, one-stop shop for these codes.

The concept is both simple and ingenious. No sign up or log in is required and the entire use of the promotional coupons is free. However, by setting up an account an individual can receive alerts via email announcing new promotions and discounts offered by a favorite store. This is the ultimate in convenience for online customers.

The process of using Online Coupons is not only easy and convenient; it is a great way to save money. Online shoppers have grown accustomed to seeing ‘coupon code’ and ‘promotion code’ fields during the checkout process at Internet shops. The problem has been that few people knew where to find those special savings codes. Fortunately, that is no longer a problem. The numerous Coupon codes available for online shopping have been collected in an organized and quick to access fashion.

When shoppers visit ‘Coupon Chief’ before shopping they are sure to find useful Coupon Codes. Visitors to the site are happy to find that Online Coupons often offer a more substantial savings than the typical paper coupon does. But in order to offer all possible savings to its visitors, also has a program called ‘Pays-2-Share’.

The ‘Pays-2-Share’ program pays visitors for coupons that they find and add to the site. Once enrolled in the program an individual simply logins and submits new Coupon Codes for participating merchants. When a shopper uses the coupon payment is made to the person that submitted the promotional code. In fact, they earn 2% of the purchase price, which can be substantial in some cases. Surprisingly, this payment is made even on purchases made by the submitter.

Payment is made to the submitter of the coupon after a 30 day holding period, there is an option of being paid via PayPal or check. The other stipulation of payment is a threshold of at least $25. Participants can easily track the balance and history of related transactions. The site even provides widgets that can be placed on websites, blogs and/or social profiles. This provides the opportunity for even more people to see and use coupons found.

Online Coupons can be found in several different ways. A popular method of distributing Coupon Codes is via email promotions. Another way to find them is by searching for a particular store name along with the word ‘coupons’ in Google and other search engines. But the most common way of finding these coupons is through exploration of a store’s website. was established to provide an easy way for individuals to find useful Online Coupons for the stores and products they need. The website has collected and organized the promotional codes in an easy to find format, making saving money on Internet purchases trouble-free. Additionally, the site offers a program called ‘Pays-2-Share’, which provides a money making opportunity through submitting coupons found.

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