Quigal Launches New Search Site for High-Achieving Attorneys in Massachusetts


Released on: October 7, 2009, 7:46 am
Author: Quigal
Industry: Law

Quigal, LLC today launches its new attorney search web site in Massachusetts. Quigal’s new site allows the public to search for top quality legal professionals – screened based on educational background and work experience - using a simple search form. It also allows potential clients to chat real-time with registered attorneys. Quigal offers its registered high caliber attorneys geographical exclusivity by limiting the number of attorneys who can register for any particular zip code.

Cambridge, MA - October 7, 2009 - Quigal, LLC announced today that it was launching its attorney search web site for residents of Massachusetts. Quigal’s site allows the public to search for attorneys who have impressive educational backgrounds or substantial work experience in complex legal matters and allows users to communicate with multiple attorneys quickly and easily. During the initial launch period, attorneys authorized to practice law in Massachusetts are invited to register with the site free of charge until April 1, 2010.

For Quigal attorney members, a unique feature of the web site is that the number of attorneys who can register is limited to ten per zip code, which increases each registered attorney’s visibility vis-à-vis potential clients.

The inspiration for Quigal came from attorneys and clients who complained about the poor quality of existing directory services, both online and print, recalled Renate Harrison, Quigal co-founder. “My colleagues complained that existing directories contained so many lawyers that the odds of engaging a client were too low to justify the expense, while users felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of attorneys they had to choose from and the multiple pages of information they had to fill out,” Harrison noted. “So I asked what I thought was a simple question: how can we improve the way clients find lawyers online? I believe Quigal is the answer.”

As of today, Massachusetts residents can begin using Quigal. Quigal is built on the idea that users should have confidence in the quality of attorneys made available to them on attorney search sites, and that the number of registered attorneys should be limited, so that each attorney has a realistic opportunity to engage clients. Key features of Quigal include:

Search: Quigal enables the public to search for attorneys by zip code, city, state, practice area, or law school attended. Quigal also permits potential clients to search for attorneys who are available for a live chat.

Exclusivity: Quigal attorney members who subscribe to a zip code always appear on the first page search results for that zip code. A maximum of ten attorneys can register for each zip code.

Quality: Quigal only registers attorneys who have graduated from a top-tier law school or who have substantial work experience managing complex legal matters.

Ease of Use: Quigal offers several options for potential clients to contact attorney members. A simple online query form and attorney profiles with full contact information appear on every search results page. Also, a live chat option allows potential clients to chat real-time with attorneys. Quigal also allows its registered attorneys to link to their social and professional networking sites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).
In the coming months, Quigal will be rolling out its web site nationally, as well as introducing new site features.

Are you interested in registering with Quigal? Please visit Quigal’s website at www.quigal.com. For more information about Quigal, please contact Renate Harrison.

Contact Info:
Renate Harrison
Quigal, LLC
Phone: 1-888-QUIGAL1
Web: www.quigal.com


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