A New Christian Book Teaches 40 Bible Study Methods


Released on: November 9, 2009, 8:04 am
Author: Andy Deane
Industry: Education

Learn to Study the Bible (ISBN 9781607915768) by Andy Deane teaches readers forty unique and fun ways to study the Scriptures. Studying the Bible should be exciting, and with forty different Bible study methods readers will learn a variety of ways to do it. Each method has easy to follow instructions and handwritten examples to show readers what a completed Bible study should look like. Bible Study Magazine (the makers of Logos Bible Software) says that "Deane presents an image of the Bible as a treasure trove for the reader's keeping!" DR. Michael Catt, producer of the movie FIREPROOF, said "Learn to Study Your Bible is an affordable and practical book for those who want to dig deeper and get more out of their personal Bible study." If you are interested in taking your personal Bible study to a deeper level then this new book is for you.


Andy Deane is an associate pastor at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge in New Jersey. He oversees an exciting youth ministry and teaches Bible study seminars to youth groups, churches, Christian schools and at Bible college. For more information about how Pastor Andy can lead a Bible study seminar at your church visit http://www.learntostudythebible.com/bible-study/bible-study-workshops.asp or call (888) 271-2551.


First Things First

Take a look at how getting into the Bible can change your life.

   1. Introduction: The Joy of Bible Study
   2. Tips for Profitable Bible Study
   3. Observation: What Does It Say?
   4. Interpretation: What Does It Mean?
   5. Application: What Does It Ask Me to Do?
   6. How to Have Daily Devotions

Basic Bible Study Methods

Simple ways for those new to bible study to learn from God's Word.

   6. Daily Bread
   7. Timothy Method
   8. SPECS ON
   9. Rethink and Restate
  10. Alphabet Method
  11. One at a Time
  12. Six Searches
  13. Exhaustive Questions
  14. Five P's Method

Major Bible Study Methods

Time-tested approaches to help go deeper with your study time.

  15. Verse-by-Verse Charting
  16. Chapter Overview
  17. Chapter Details
  18. Book Overview
  19. Book Details
  20. Bible Characters
  21. Biblical Topics
  22. Bible Themes
  23. Word Studies

Creative Bible Study Methods

Try out these interesting methods once in awhile to really mix it up.

  24. Translation Comparison
  25. Messy Bible
  26. Modern Issues
  27. Thirty Days
  28. Vantage Point
  29. Skeptics Method

Studying Specific Passages

Study different parts of the Bible with diverse techniques to add variety.

  29. Royal Wisdom
  30. Categorizing Proverbs
  31. Meeting Jesus
  32. Twenty Jesus Questions
  33. The Commands of Jesus
  34. Truly, Truly
  35. Study the Biblical Types
  36. Study the Prayers
  37. Study the Miracles
  38. Study the Parables
  39. Study the Psalms

Study Methods For Younger Students

Each method will teach an individual basic skill needed for Bible study.

  40. Heart Monitor
  41. Funnel It
  42. Weather Report
  43. Climb the Ladder
  44. Cross Thoughts

Wrapping It All Up

Some closing advice for studying your Bible.

  45. Building a Reference Library
  46. Some Final Thoughts
  47. Notes


PASTOR BOB COY (Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale)

"Certain things in the Christian life are non-negotiable, and studying the Bible is one of them. Every believer, regardless of the spiritual season they're in, must have a regular routine that gets them engaged in God's Word. But while the "must" to study is universal, the "method" isn't. What works well for some doesn't work at all for others. We've been wired differently and learn in different ways, which is why this is such a relevant and important book. With 40 different methods of studying the Bible, there's something here for everyone. No matter who you are or how you're wired to learn, you're going to find a key in these pages that will unlock the riches of God's Word in your life."

PASTOR BRIAN BRODERSON (Host of the Back to Basics Radio Show)

"Anything that will help Christian people get more into the word and more out of the word is bound to be a great blessing. This book will do just that. Andy has done a fantastic job of laying out numerous options for Bible Study. I'm sure there's a method here that will be helpful for most everyone who is serious about growing in the Lord through his word."

LEARN TO STUDY THE BIBLE by Andy Deane is available at bookstores everywhere and online at http://www.LearnToStudyTheBible.com


CONTACT: Shannon Blake
TOLL FREE: (888)271-2551
EMAIL: info@LearnToStudyTheBible.com
BOOK WEBSITE: http://www.LearnToStudyTheBible.com
AUTHOR WEBSITE: http://www.AndyDeane.com



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