New You Boot Camp Launches Book To Help You Drop A Dress Size In Just Two Weeks


Released on: November 20, 2009, 12:26 pm
Author: New You Boot Camp
Industry: Healthcare

The New You Boot Camp – ‘Drop a dress size in two weeks’ is based upon the Military inspired residential weight loss and fitness Boot Camp that has become the destination of choice for celebrities, men and women everywhere. For the first time ever this book gives you everything you need to recreate your own New You Boot Camp experience at home.

New You Boot Camp was founded by ex, yo-yo dieters Sunny Moran and Jacqui Cleaver who spent years dieting & obsessing about their weight but never quite making it until they came up with the concept of an educational, weight loss & fitness Boot Camp programme. They have both themselves lost three stone each! The friends have gone on to significantly alter hundreds of men & women’s attitudes to their bodies and their diets. In this book they share some of the success stories that have been through the programme and finally reveal the secrets that have helped past boot campers lose a staggering 772 stone, 11,607 inches* to achieve their ‘New You’.

The Bootcamp concept behind the book is based on a no gimmick exercise programme that provides advice on all aspects of fitness; from how to fit exercise into your life – to targeted training programmes that not only get results fast but focus on long term goals too.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that this is ‘Military’ style diet book as Sunny and Jacqui may have a no nonsense approach when it comes to a week at their residential boot camps however this book is a girls’ best friend when it comes to weight loss. Including features such as recommended cocktail lists, dinner party menus, eating out & take away guides as well as introducing rules that help make this diet work with your lifestyle … such as a recommended a day off the plan once a week!

Like no other diet and fitness book before The New You Boot Camp programme doesn’t sign off there, It also contains a REALISTIC lifestyle plan to keep readers going after the first two weeks are up as well as a mindset chapter providing the ‘tools’ to adjust their attitude and way of thinking when it comes to exercise and dieting ... giving them control back!

Why the New You Boot Camp programme works:

• There are no gimmicks
• It’s realistic
• It’s achievable
• You choose your rules so it works around your life so you can have a life!
• Contains a lifestyle and mindset plan to keep you going after the first two weeks are up
• It is healthy safe and enjoyable
• The exercises provide an amazing all-over workout
• It was developed by real women for real woman!
• The concept has been tested and trailed by over 2,000 people with amazing results!
• It won’t just help you lose weight, but will build your confidence so nothing can hold you back.

New You Boot Camp will be published on 2 January 2010 by Collins & Brown, an imprint of Anova Books.

For more information, please contact Jane Ellis on 020 7605 1471 or email

Contact Details: Issued by Sunny Moran
01202 557138


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