Cut Out Those Dirty Habits At Work


Released on: January 28, 2010, 5:27 am
Industry: Industrial

The average desk’s surface contains more than 10million germs – but they can easily be eradicated

As more of us spend increasing amounts of time at our office or home desks, the areas around where we work are becoming ever-greater hazards to our health.

Hard surfaces, such as telephones, computer mice, printer buttons and door handles, are among the likely areas where some of the millions of germs lurking in every office are hiding – just waiting for their next unsuspecting victim.

Research has shown that the average office desk harbours more than 10 million germs. Many of these can cause minor illnesses, but, left unchecked, they can multiply to the extent that they become a serious health risk.

In order to help staff win this germ warfare battle, safety goods and signs has added a comprehensive range of eco-friendly office cleaning equipment to its selection.

These latest products help keep every office surface clean and, more importantly, help to drastically reduce the amount of bacteria workers are exposed to.

“A proper, regular cleaning regime is proven to eliminate up to 99.9 per cent of the bacteria found in most offices,” says Kimberley Slack of Safetyshop.

“Safetyshop's range of desktop cleaning agents has been specifically formulated with the most up-to-date ingredients to ensure safe and effective antimicrobial cleaning of all computer equipment and hard surfaces.”

The range is also entirely alcohol free, non toxic and non hazardous. All bottles and wipes are 100 per cent recyclable and cleaning wipes are 100 per cent biodegradable.

Among the lines available at are desk, computer and telephone wipes, screen cleaning sprays and hygienic disposable cloths.

All desktop cleaning products can be ordered online, or by phone, fax or email, and next-day delivery is available for UK orders, subject to stock availability.

To request a catalogue detailing the full range of thousands of safety and cleaning products available, email, or visit to shop and place an order.

Contact Details: Safetyshop. Douglas Bruce House, Corrie Way, Bredbury Ind Park, Stockport, Cheshire. SK6 2RR
T: +44 161 406 5571 | F: +44 161 406 5525



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