Employee Dismissal Law In Netherlands


Released on: January 11, 2010, 4:18 am
Author: Roland De Graauw
Industry: Law

De Graauw Legal Services specializes in assisting employees who are confronted with summary dismissal and are subject to Dutch law which is also referred to as Ontslag op staande voet in dutch legal terms.The firm also helps individuals dealing with settlement terms and Termination Agreement also referred as vaststellingsovereenkomst and Beëindigingsovereenkomst

Most individuals focus on the direct financial damage such a dismissal can cause through loss of unemployment benefit, salary and severance pay. However another very important aspect in these cases that is too often neglected is formed by possible career damage.

According to the founder and managing director Roland de Graauw LL.M “When no regulation concerning secrecy and statements to third parties is agreed upon, such a dismissal can pursue the client in the future.” This is especially the case when the client worked a long time for the company involved as under these circumstances chances increase that the former employer will be contacted in a selection procedure by a possible future employer increase. When the former employer, that fired the client on the spot due to culpable actions, informs the inquirer, the client can forget about the new job. Also, lying about a summary dismissal can according to jurisprudence be a ground for dismissal for the new employer. Therefore it is essential to agree upon a regulation which includes secrecy as well as a conversion of the summary dismissal to a termination by mutual consent on neutral grounds.

Degraauw legal services assists individuals in dealing with their employment dismissal cases and provides them with swift legal assistance.

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