Obesity is the Greatest Threat to Long Life


Released on: January 08, 2010, 5:49 am
Author: The Hospital Group
Industry: Healthcare

As we leave the noughties behind and embrace our ‘tweens, researchers are warning that the rise of obesity has become the number one risk to shortening life expectancy in the new decade.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, researchers from Columbia University have calculated that the number of years lost due to obesity is now equal to, if not greater than, those lost due to smoking.

With at least a quarter of the UK population classified as clinically obese it is feared that the number will grow dramatically with as many as 60 per cent of men, 50 percent of women and 25 per cent of children predicted to be obese by 2050 if the problem goes unchecked.

For those seeking to reduce their weight and take on a healthier lifestyle, The Hospital Group offers long-lasting, effective weight loss solutions.

The Hospital Group is the UK’s biggest provider of weight loss surgery, including gastric band surgery, gastric bypasses and gastric balloons which can give you a healthier lifestyle.

David Ross, Chief Executive of The Hospital Group said: “A gastric procedure can be the crucial first step in gaining a healthier lifestyle, enabling people to get out and exercise”.

“At The Hospital Group, people can be assured of a dedicated, professional service, with astounding success rates and a limited waiting time. This latest news is just another reason to seek an effective weight loss solution with The Hospital Group.” Since The Hospital Group was established in 1992, it has risen to become the UK’s biggest weight loss surgery providers, performing more gastric procedures last year than the NHS. The Hospital Group is committed to providing the very highest standards and all procedures are performed by an expert medical team in state-of-the-art facilities that are second to none.

For further information of The Hospital Group’s range of gastric procedures, surgery-seekers should visit the website www.thehospitalgroup.org or call our patient care coordinators on 0845 762 6727.



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