Online Attorney Search Service To Offer Nationwide Service


Released on: January 29, 2010, 3:18 am
Author: Quigal
Industry: Law

Quigal, LLC, a leading provider of online attorney search services in Massachusetts , today announced that it will start offering its search service nationwide beginning April 5, 2010. Currently, the website ( allows users in Massachusetts to easily search for and quickly contact top quality legal professionals located in their area. Quigal first launched its initial beta web site in Massachusetts in October of last year.

"The steady increase in web traffic we have successfully serviced since our launch has demonstrated that we are ready to offer our service nationwide," commented Renate Harrison, founder and CEO. "Fortunately, things have gone pretty much as planned and we feel that this is the right time to take this next step."

Since first launching its site, has been steadily changing the way the public searches for attorneys online. Its attorney search service allows a user to simultaneously contact up to ten top-tier attorneys by geographical location and practice area. This announcement means that, starting April 5 th , the entire country will have access to top-tier attorneys anytime.

To handle the expected influx of new users, Ms. Harrison added: "In the next couple of months, Quigal will be making sure its database infrastructure will be ready for the challenge of going national. We are taking the time we need to make sure we do this right. We know our users expect nothing less."

Are you interested in registering with Quigal? Please visit Quigal's website at For more information about Quigal, please contact Juliana Gaita-Monjaraz.

Contact Info:
Juliana Gaita-Monjaraz
Quigal, LLC
Phone: 1-888-QUIGAL1



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