Optical Express Launches Ambassador Referral Programme


Released on: January 12, 2010, 2:31 am
Author: Optical Express
Industry: Healthcare

Optical Express launches new Ambassador Referral Programme. Open to both laser eye surgery and intraocular lens treatment patients, the flexible programme enables the referrer to choose how the reward - valued at hundreds of pounds per referral - is distributed.

David Carson, the head of the programme, spoke with enthusiasm about the new Ambassador Referral initiative.

"The programme is a huge departure from any scheme we've done before, with larger rewards and more flexibility," he said. "We really believe that our patients are our best ambassadors, and we designed this so that we can provide them with a reward that is really substantial, and that can really make a difference in their lives. The amount that they can earn is endless."

With the new programme, the person referring is given three options - they can receive the full reward, their friend or relative can receive the full amount off the cost of laser eye treatment or intraocular lens implant treatment, or the reward can be split evenly between the patient and referrer.

If the referrer has opted to receive all or part of the reward, they are issued a cheque within 14 days of their friend or relative undergoing surgery. Thus, the referrer has the potential to not only earn an unlimited amount of money, but also to receive their rewards almost immediately.

Carson acknowledged that the programme may seem too good to be true, but stressed that there are no hidden catches.

"It may seem overly generous to issue cheques for thousands of pounds to our past patients for simply making referrals, but there really is no catch," he said. "Virtually all of our patients indicate that they would recommend Optical Express to their friends and relatives, and we are providing them with an extra incentive for doing so."

The programme also reinforces the high standards of customer service and clinical outcomes that Optical Express is dedicated to.

"Beyond rewarding our referrers, this programme further prompts all of our staff members and clinics to ensure that they are providing the absolute highest standard of care," Carson said. "If people walk away with not just great results, but also positive experiences, then they will be all the more likely to refer their friends, family members and colleagues."

About Optical Express:
The Optical Express Group was founded in 1991 and is now a global leader of selected healthcare services, specialising in opticians services. The group covers optical stores, refractive laser eye surgery, glasses, contact lenses as well as dental clinics.

Optical Express provides trained specialists to help patients determine which laser eye surgery treatment is best suited to their unique needs and offers the most advanced eye surgery treatments such as LASIK eye surgery and LASEK as well as Advanced CustomVue Wavefront and Intralase.

Optical Express is the leading provider of laser eye surgery in the UK and Europe, with over 100 laser eye clinics and opticians offering pre and post-operative care.

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