Schillings Academy Welcomes Professor Gavin Phillipson


Released on: January 19, 2010, 8:44 am
Author: Schillings
Industry: Law

Schillings, the leading law firm protecting the privacy and reputations of corporates and high-profile individuals, has announced that privacy and freedom of expression expert, Professor Gavin Phillipson will join as a tutor at the Schillings Academy.

Professor Gavin Phillipson will deliver the Advanced Privacy module over four months, covering topics including the philosophical values that underlie the notion of privacy as a fundamental right. He will also be covering comparative perspectives on privacy and freedom of speech.

A Professor at Durham Law School and a Senior Fellow at Melbourne University's Centre for Media and Communications Law, Professor Gavin Phillipson is regarded as a leading expert on privacy. Mr Justice Eady recently recommended that attendees read Professor Phillipson's recent article entitled 'Max Mosley Goes to Strasbourg' whilst speaking at a law conference in December 2009. Professor Phillipson is the author of several leading articles on civil liberties and the Human Rights Act, as well as co-author of two books and co-editor of a leading edited collection. His most important contribution has been in the area of the development of a common law right to privacy on which he has published several influential articles.

Speaking about his involvement with the Schillings Academy, Professor Gavin Phillipson said: "I am delighted to be invited to be part of this remarkable programme of development and am looking forward to working with some of the leading lawyers in the field of privacy. I'm particularly looking forward to exploring, in discussion during the Academy, some of the opposing arguments to those professionally advanced by claimant lawyers such as Schillings."

Keith Schilling said: "It is a testament to the high quality of education the Schillings Academy is delivering that we have attracted such a well respected lecturer in privacy and freedom of expression to join our programme. The skills and specialist knowledge we are delivering through the Schillings Academy enable us to have the most talented, experienced and qualified solicitors practicing libel and privacy law."

Keith also said: "We have continued to recruit solicitors whilst many other firms have had to downsize their businesses recently. The Schillings Academy is providing all our talent a unique programme and encouraging the very best to join our growing Firm, in addition to retaining our existing exceptional people."

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Notes to Editors:

About Professor Gavin Phillipson:
He is author of several recent leading articles on civil liberties and the Human Rights Act (HRA). His 'Transforming Breach of Confidence? Towards a common law right to privacy under the Human Rights Act' (2003) 66(5) Modern Law Review 726, has been cited with approval by the House of Lords in Naomi Campbell v Mirror Group Newspapers (2004), by the New Zealand Court of Appeal in Hoskings v Runtings (2004) and by the UK Court of Appeal in Douglas and Zeta-Jones v Hello! (2005).

His analysis of Strasbourg case law in his book Media Freedom under the Human Rights Act (2006), (co-author Helen Fenwick) has been used by the Court of Appeal in the important decision in McKennit v Ash 2006] EWCA Civ 1714.

About The Schillings Academy:
The Schillings Academy was launched in June 2009 to celebrate the Firm's 25th anniversary and is an advanced and unique course providing unparalleled training to solicitors at the firm.

The four main components of Schillings Academy for qualified lawyers will be advanced modules on defamation; privacy and confidence; advocacy and related reputation management and protection laws.

About Schillings:
Schillings is one of Britain's top law firms dedicated to safeguarding the reputations of international corporations, brands, celebrities and high-profile business people. The firm's 25 year track-record in defamation, privacy law, and copyright cases, as well as commercial dispute resolution and sports law is second to none.

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Christopher Mills
Commercial Director
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