Courtney Love Isn't Alone When It Comes To Rumors Of Drug Addiction


Released on: February 19, 2010, 3:17 am
Author: Mountainside Drug Rehab
Industry: Healthcare

CONNECTICUT- Courtney Love is facing a problem that many stars and public figures experience when they encounter problems - complete loss of privacy. Issues such as drug addiction and alcoholism recovery often rest on a principle of anonymity, for Love and many like her - their solution is different. Love's public history with drug abuse has spanned over a decade and has affected many areas of her life, most recently rumored to be the cause for the loss of custody of her daughter. Courtney is under constant public scrutiny. The loss of anonymity that stars experience often complicates an individual's recovery, however many do recover.

Love's most recent online rants regarding her daughter have caused her fans to believe she has fallen back into the drug scene. Courtney maintains that she is sober and her life has changed since her 2006 house arrest for violating an order for a previous court-mandated drug addiction treatment program.

"We certainly hope that Ms. Love has gotten the appropriate drug addiction treatment and that she continues to maintain her sobriety", a spokesperson for Mountainside Center states. "When you're a star who is trying to stay in recovery and you are continually scrutinized for every move you make, the path to sobriety is often a challenging one. We understand those pressures and the pitfalls one can easily fall into, especially when they do not have the luxury of anonymity. No matter how much despair one feels, there really is hope-there really is a remedy. We all hope the best for Courtney and her daughter".

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