New Testament and 10 Commandments Help Believers Keep the Faith During Troubled Times


Released on: February 12, 2010, 4:13 am
Author: United Church of God
Industry: Education

Some believe that following all 10 Commandments has become irrelevant, that Jesus Christ abolished God's law. In fact, the New Testament tells us that He did no such thing. In the book of Matthew, Jesus Christ specifically said that those who wish to “enter into life,” meaning eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven, should “keep the commandments.” In times of such unrest in the world, looking to God's law as the standard of human behavior can help believers keep the faith. The United Church of God hopes to bring greater understanding of the New Covenant to all who wish to receive it with its extensive collection of free, online study guides.

February 2010 – War. Natural disasters. Rampant crime. In a time of such unrest in the world, Christians should embrace the New Testament and its support of God's law, not dismiss it as irrelevant. The United Church of God continues its mission of keeping these ideals alive and also bringing about better understanding of the New Covenant through the numerous free study guides found on its website at

Around one third of the New Testament contains quotations of and references to the Old Testament, including Jesus Christ's direction in Matthew that the way to the Kingdom of Heaven was through obedience of the 10 Commandments. The New Testament also describes the fulfillment of many an Old Testament Prophecy, including through the life of Jesus Christ, from birth through crucifixion. The United Church of God offers the following study guides to the New Testament and New Covenant:

• The Ten Commandments in the New Testament – This guide helps students to see that it does matter whether or not they obey the 10 Commandments. By fully understanding that Jesus Christ supported God's law and continued to preach its value, believers will see how the age-old road map to eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven helps those who follow it keep the faith.

• God’s Law and the New Covenant – This guide also looks at Jesus and His institution of the New Covenant and teaches that it did not make God's law obsolete. By following God's law, Christians can find a renewed faith in the Creator God.

In addition to the many resources on the New Testament and the New Covenant, offers multiple free study guides on Prophecy that can help today's believers see
more clearly God's plan. The United Church of God suggests starting with:

• You Can Understand Bible Prophecy – The principles and framework of Bible Prophecy must first be known before any individual Prophecy can be understood. This guide unlocks the mysteries surrounding Prophecy.

By offering its study guides for free, online, the United Church of God hopes to help those who have lost their faith find it again.

The United Church of God traces its origins back to the original Christian Church, founded in the early first century. The Church follows the same doctrines, teachings and practices as the original Church, and it strives to educate all about the New Covenant. In addition to the many free online study guides – about the New Testament, Prophecy and other topics – students can follow the United Church of God on, become a fan of the organization on Facebook, and watch video commentaries and excerpts from sermons on



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