'Overweight Britain ' Could Prompt A Dramatic Uptake Of Health Insurance Packages As The NHS Struggles To Cope With Rising Levels of Obesity


Released on: February 25, 2010, 9:29 am
Author: QueryCLick LTD
Industry: Financial

Rising levels of obesity could see a substantial rise in the number of people applying for health insurance, money saving website Quoteboffin.co.uk has revealed.

With 20% of the population now classed as clinically obese and more people dying from weight related diseases than ever before, the UK's obesity crisis is adding a heavyweight strain to the NHS that's impossible to ignore.

At £2.6billion a year, the cost of obesity related NHS bills is asking tax payers to dig deeper and deeper into their pockets in order to cover the cost.

Causing most concern however is the effect that obesity is having on NHS resources and - in particular - waiting times which have begun to rocket as obesity related illnesses add even more patients to already crowded lists.

The fear of long waiting lists will be the main driver towards private medical insurance claims QuoteBoffin.co.uk: “With rising levels of obesity adding months, if not years, to already overcrowded waiting lists it's no wonder that more consumers will begin turning their attention to private health cover in order to guarantee prompt and professional medical treatment.

Waiting lists can be especially frustrating for those who have strived to live a healthy lifestyle but could still find themselves at the end of a very long queue. Health insurance removes the unknown by guaranteeing peace of mind and first class medical care in equal measure."

While Government and health organisations have strived to pepper the airwaves, internet and billboards with healthy eating campaigns such as 5-a-day and Milk Moustache, Britain's obesity crisis shows little sign of letting up.

QuoteBoffin is calling for consumers to take note of current health trends and prepare for the future:

“Obesity in the UK is projected to grow by 10% every decade for the foreseeable future. Today's social climate should encourage people to prepare for the future and view health insurance as an essential not a luxury. Quoteboffin.co.uk and its competitors allow consumers to compare the cost of insurance packages from market leaders; meaning preparing for future has never been so simple or affordable.”

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