There's No Such Thing As Hypnosis - It's All Just Suggestion & Placebo


Released on: March 22, 2010, 12:16 am
Author: Jonathan Royle
Industry: Healthcare

Top British Hypnosis & NLP Trainer Jonathan Royle Exposes The Hypnotherapy Conmen Who Profit From The Placebo Effect & The Dangerous Street Hypnotist’s Who Mess With Your Minds!

Manchester, England, UK, 22nd March 2010 - Hypnosis is both an increasingly lucrative and rapidly expanding form of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAMS) and also a hugely popular form of Stage Entertainment thanks to people like Paul McKenna.

But shockingly what most Hypnotherapy Practitioners won’t tell you or dare to admit is that the so called healing and therapeutic power of Hypnosis is nothing more than an elaborate Placebo Effect combined with basis suggestion and classical psychological conditioning akin to Pavlov’s Dog.

What’s even more alarming is the fact that the majority of Comedy Stage Hypnotist’s don’t even realise that whilst what they are doing works due to nothing more than Social Compliance, Basic Human Psychology and Devious Manipulation of their volunteers combined with simple suggestion and the Placebo Effect, that in actual fact what they are doing is potentially dangerous to their subjects as they are messing with people’s Belief Systems and Expectations for the entertainment of others which can have potentially very damaging side effects.

Now for the first time ever British Hypnotist Jonathan Royle has decided to lift the lid on this “Snake Oil” industry and save people potentially thousands of pounds in wasted treatment fee’s or training course payments, whilst also helping them to avoid falling prey to the rapidly growing number of badly trained, illegal, unlicensed, uninsured and potentially dangerous amateur Street Hypnotists messing with peoples mind on a street corner near you!

After years of research and real world experimentation Royle, aged 34 of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England is so confident of his findings and conclusions on how so called Hypnosis actually works and his statement that “There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis” that he has become the first Hypnosis Trainer to offer a 100% One Year (365 Day) Money Back Guarantee on his Home Study DVD and Multimedia Diploma Training Package.

Today Royle said “Hypnotherapist’s and Stage/Street Hypnotists who study this new package are literally Guaranteed to become Safer, more knowledgeable and more successful in their work or else I will give them their money back!”

Royle wants to stop people getting conned out of thousands of pounds for long winded Hypnotherapy and NLP Courses which brainwash them to believe in something that actually does not even exist and that’s why he has just released a Free 80 Page PDF Report entitled “The Seven Biggest Secrets of The Famous Name Millionaire NLP’ers – Life Coaches & Hypnotists” at

Royle who is one of Britain’s Leading Hypnosis Expert’s as illustrated at explained that despite the fact that Hypnosis Does Not Exist and actually is nothing more than an illusion of truth combined with The Placebo effect, when this is fully understood by Alternative Practitioners and utilised to treat patients in the manner he teaches in his unique Home Study and Live Training Courses that dramatic changes can still occur!

Indeed even when the patient is told the truth that the Placebo Effect is being used on them, even with this knowledge the Patient can be helped immensely to solve or eliminate most any problem, habit, fear, addiction or phobia from their life within a single 60 to 90 minute treatment session and on a basis of them being given a full money back guarantee that the session will work for them!

Royle is also alarmed at the increasing number of hobbyist & amateur Hypnotists who are taking the potentially dangerous art to the Streets of England in a manner which is largely Unlicensed, Uninsured, Illegal and potentially very dangerous and states“Those who study my courses on Stage & Street Hypnosis as per will walk away able to perform in a totally legal, licensed, safe, ethical and insured manner of that I can assure you and again these results are guaranteed or they get their money back!”

In a quest to spread the word, protect the public and clean up the Hypnosis and NLP Industry Royle has a number of Live Training events and master classes planned to take place in Rochdale - Greater Manchester (England – UK) during June 2010 as per and also will be holding a special Two Day Intensive Boot camp in Florida (USA) in early August 2010 as per this video

So before you consent to allow someone to mess with your mind ask yourself a few simple questions…

01) Is this person properly trained and where necessary correctly licensed and insured to be doing this?

02) Is this an appropriate environment to be hypnotised in – usually the outdoor and street hypnotists present the most potential dangers of both physical and psychological harm?

03) Has the Hypnotist been honest and up-front with you that this is nothing more than a clever mind trick combined with manipulative psychology and the Placebo effect?

If your not happy with the answers to any of the above questions then quite simply don’t let that person hypnotise you whether its on Stage, outside on the Street or even in their consulting room in the context of Mind Therapy Treatment.

Jonathan Royle is the principle trainer of The Mindcare Organisation Ltd in Huddersfield (England) and is the creator of Complete Mind Therapy which uses the Placebo Effect to maximum honest effect to help people make positive changes in all areas of their life.

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