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Released on: March 19, 2010, 3:03 am
Author: Amanda Berkshire
Industry: Law

March 19th Dallas, Texas---US-Immigration-Explained, the first DVD to ever explain US immigration law to the masses in simple language is actually lowering illegal immigration rates. “We have received a number of calls recently”, states immigration lawyer and author Steven Riznyk, “that demonstrate the effect”. He states that people call explaining they had no concept of how the system works and for the first time really understand how their ideas were wrong and would hurt their lives. And people are actually telling me, states Mr Riznyk that they are returning, where others are telling me that they have decided against making the journey.

A lot of people, states Steven Riznyk, have this misconception that they can illegally enter the United States and a year or so later all is forgiven. “I don’t know how these rumors start, but they get misinterpreted along the way and people’s lives are ruined by them”. What we are observing now, states Mr Riznyk, is that people, given the right information, are making rational decisions based on reality, not rumor. If they can decide based on a fact, they are more likely to make a decision that they will honor. And what we are finding, states Steven, is that people are finally understanding that they do have a choice; they don’t just have to run to the United States because it’s there. They can file a case legally as well. Customers are also recognizing that some things have more value than money itself.

People do not realize that there are a number of ways of entering legally. More importantly, they are realizing what the penalties are for entering illegally. As a result, US-Immigration-Explained is making people think twice before risking their lives to enter illegally. One who enters illegally is known by immigration lawyers as an EWI (Entry Without Inspection). This situation has to be distinguished from someone who enters legally and then overstays their visa. Many people in this situation do not realize that there are some options available. Once you leave the United States, a law called IIRIRA kicks in with 3 or 10-year bars for certain people. As a result, many people who had a possible solution did not educate themselves, left the country, and now are stuck separated from their family for 3, or more likely, 10 years.

An EWI puts a lot at risk. The person, usually a male, leaves his wife and children behind, and often puts his life on the line trying to enter the United States. Where before he had a family to come home to every night, he is now alone. Where before he worked a certain number of hours, he is now working every single hour he can. The comfort of a place to live is gone, and he is often sharing with a number of people. Why put all that at risk, states Mr Riznyk, when you have to live like a fugitive? This message has value especially to those who do have a family and some work back home. I don’t think they realize what they stand to lose , states Mr Riznyk, and they really have to ask themselves if they are gaining anything by being here. I have spoken to many, many people over the years who gave up their families and children, and looking back they wish they had never snuck into the US. With all the great things America has to offer, there is more value in remaining with your family than chasing the material dream, especially if you are one of the lucky ones who do have work and a family to come home to.

“There is so much misinformation out there that I felt there was a need for a clear message.” states Mr Riznyk, who has been in the field of immigration law for 22 years. I have dealt with thousands of cases of all types and there was no end to the lack of accurate information, he goes on to say. Sadly, the Internet has a lot of information but it is not organized. And there is so much to explain if you want to be thorough, states Mr Riznyk, that the shortest DVD program we were able to produce turned out to be almost 5 hours long.

And frankly, states Steven, had we not excluded the section on doctors and nurses it would have been substantially longer, and that could have made people stay away. However, the program is conveniently divided into chapters such as visitors, investors, students, relatives, workers, citizenship, miscellaneous visas, Green Cards, and waivers for criminal and health reasons.

The flip side of this, states Mr Riznyk, is that a lot of people don’t realize that they can legally achieve their goals. For example, if someone is unskilled and wants to work in the United states for 1-3 years, they can legally do so under the H-2B visa and save up some money. A Green Card is even possible, states Mr Riznyk, if they are willing to find an appropriate job offer and wait patiently. However, lack of patience often is the theme of the day and destroys future chances. Issues such as stating you are a citizen when you are not, entering illegally a second time, or voting when you are not a citizen can keep you out of this country.

What is lacking with respect to our immigration laws is education, states Mr Riznyk. There is a lot of information on immigration, but if you are not in the field it is hard to know which is true and accurate. As a result, people have this scattered approach to immigration, remembering what they can from the various unrelated data they have heard. In addition, there are many people taking advantage of immigrants and they are spread rumors about laws that don’t exist, and that only compounds the problem.

The DVD, US-immigration-explained is almost 5 hours long and has been approved by the State Bars of California, New York, and Florida for CLE as immigration lawyers purchase is to train their staff. It covers every single visa and Green Card (except those for doctors and nurses) and the requirements, as well as secrets and shortcuts that can help. The program includes forms and detailed instructions on US citizenship as well as FOIA. For the cost of a meal at a nice restaurant, this program can truly change your life and that of your family’s. It is written in such a way that it assumes English is your second language—no complex vocabulary to confuse you. At the current time, the company is offering free shipping in Canada and the US and only $10.00 anywhere in the world. Although the web site is set up for credit cards, the company does accept Western Union and checks, as people here illegally do not use credit card. Payment has been a challenge for people here illegally and afraid to divulge their address, even if a family member did have a credit card.

FOIA is a procedure that allows you to obtain a copy of your immigration file. Most immigration lawyers charge $1500 or so in order to obtain the file and review it. Many people do not even know that FOIA exists. It is especially useful if your case has been delayed substantially or if you have a criminal record or other immigration issues.

The DVD is available in English, Spanish, and Japanese. It is available at Steven Riznyk’s law firm can be found at His e-mail address is He has also created a web site for people new in the US, tagged “The Owner’s Manual to the United States” and that site can be found at He is the author of two blogs, one for immigration law, and one for business investors, and the links for both can be found on his attorney web site,

Amanda Berkshire

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